The Best of ProVideo Coalition: 2017

Adobe Updates, Windows ProRes First Impressions, Blade Runner 2049 Exclusive, Building a 4K Editing PC and More

provideo coalition 2017 saw a number of major developments for the industry as a whole, and many of those updates were explored and showcased on ProVideo Coalition via news items and feature articles throughout the year. On the last day of 2017, we wanted to take a look back at everything that resonated with our audience this year, as well as highlight the most influential articles from PVC authors.

Let us know if these or any other articles from 2017 were especially meaninful for you this year either in the comment section below or on social media.


Top 10 Most Popular Articles in 2017:

Windows ProRes: First Impression

Is this new ProRes encoder the grail you’ve been looking for?

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A Guide to Shooting HDR TV: parts 1-6

Your HDR survival guide, in six parts

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ART OF THE CUT: BLADE RUNNER 2049 with Joe Walker, ACE

Featuring the exclusive reveal that an earlier cut of the film was four hours and director Denis Villeneuve considered releasing it in two parts.

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Adobe updates Premiere Pro CC for April 2017

And instead of waiting months for the new CC versions they should be available soon, as in probably today

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Classic Course: Instant Sex

A simple trick to enhance the look of boring stock footage & 3D renders

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ART OF THE CUT with “TWIN PEAKS” editor DuWayne Dunham

Does the stylized look of the show make it difficult to edit?

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Bigger is better? OK, but why?

What gives large formats “depth”, “roundness”, and “dimensionality”?

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Building a 4K video editing PC for 2018 Building a 4K video editing PC for 2018

With new processors available, and a battle of cores, deciding which will be the specifications of your next PC may be more difficult than ever. Is it better to buy a pre-built computer or build your own? This guide will help you decide.

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New 4K UHD camcorders from Canon & Sony: Let’s compare

Canon and Sony just launched 4K UHD camcorder models, 3 each. Let’s see how some important —yet difficult to find— specs compare.

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Compact Zoom Canon Compact Zoom Lens Review: 18-80mm and 70-200mm

If you need autofocus then these Canon’s Compact Zoom lenses are a must

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Top 3 Articles by Author in 2017:


Adam Wilt

Review: Panasonic VariCam LT 4K Super35mm Cine Camera
Cine Gear Expo: Three Cameras
Review: Teradek Serv Pro and VUER

Complete 2017 Archive


Art Adams

Art of the manual white balance
Opening titles: commercials that sell a series
Three Variations on Lighting a Single Shot Commercial

Complete 2017 Archive


Allan Tépper

Review: MixPre-3 audio recorder/mixer from Sound Devices
Is the GH5 the best camera under US$10k? Jordan Drake believes it is. Learn why
URSA Mini Pro: Blackmagic reveals new audio specs

Complete 2017 Archive


Brian Hallett

ART OF THE SHOT: Buddy Squires, ASC Talks About Shooting Ken Burn and Lynn Novick’s “The Vietnam War”
Switching from Final Cut Pro 7 to DaVinci Resolve Video
This Art Of The Shot: “13 Reasons Why” Director of Photography Andrij Parekh

Complete 2017 Archive


Bruce Johnson

REVIEW: Sony MCX500 Portable Video Switcher and RM-30BP Remote Commander
NAB 2017: Three Blackmagic Design Announcements
Blackmagic Designs Ursa Mini 4.6k with the B4 Lens Adapter

Complete 2017 Archive


Chris and Trish Meyer

Classic Course: The Glow Effect
How TV Opening Titles Got to Be So Damn Good
Learning to be Creative

Complete 2017 Archive


Chris Zwar

AE Project Diary: 4) Mixing up a cake with maths
After Effects: revisiting feature requests from 2008
Badu Gili – Behind the scenes

Complete 2017 Archive


Damien Allen

Fusion 9 in depth review
Apple releases a new Mac Pro – a year from now
The new iMac Pro–is it worth it? Probably.

Complete 2017 Archive


David Torno

X-Particles Paint Streaks
Photogrammetry and Visual Effects

Complete 2017 Archive


Eric Escobar

Affordable-ish Pro Cine Prime Lenses
Davinci Resolve Micro Panel Review
DaVinci Resolve Mini Panel Review

Complete 2017 Archive


Helmut Kobler

REVIEW: Ready Rig GS Gimbal Support
PRODUCT REVIEW: SmallHD’s 1303 HDR Monitor
Exploring a Few Lighting Setups with the Litepanels Caliber 3-Light Kit

Complete 2017 Archive


Jeff Foster

Hands-on Review: GoPro HERO6 Black
GoPro Karma Drone & Grip Hands-On Review
Small Cine-Rovers for creative POV video: Part 1

Complete 2017 Archive


Jose Antunes

The 2017 guide to video monopods
Topaz Studio: a new photo editor for 2017
DSLRs are still alive, DSLTs may be dead

Complete 2017 Archive


Kenny McMillan

A Look Inside Canon Burbank
Sony VENICE – Something​ Rather​ Remarkable
Hands on with the Sony RX0

Complete 2017 Archive


Kevin McAuliffe

After Effects Bootcamp for Avid Editors – Part 1
Creating Your Own DCP’S – Premiere Pro CC Setup
Media Composer Editors: Read this before updating to AE CC 2017

Complete 2017 Archive


Mark Christiansen

These are the latest features in After Effects CC 2017, available now
What does After Effects even do?

Complete 2017 Archive


Matt Jeppsen 

Source Four Leko Tips & Tricks
Quick Tip: Replace your Dana Dolly washer
Hail Veydra

Complete 2017 Archive


Mark Spencer

Symbols & Symbol Fonts in Motion and Final Cut Pro X
Publishing Music to Final Cut Pro X
Ripple Whips & Ken Burns in Final Cut Pro X

Complete 2017 Archive


Rich Young

Make the Cut: $25K remix contest with Premiere Pro & Imagine Dragons
Adobe’s new video series on making movies
HP ZBook x2: a tablet workstation

Complete 2017 Archive


Richard Wirth

Vintage TV Studios in Modern Film and Television
A Short History of Color in Film and Television
The Electronic Side of Color Media

Complete 2017 Archive


Scott Simmons

The Editblog’s 2017 NLE Buyer’s Guide
Avid’s slide about the future of Media Composer
Final Cut Pro X 10.4 announced and demoed at the FCPX Creative Summit

Complete 2017 Archive


Steve Hullfish

ART OF THE CUT with “IT” editor, Jason Ballantine, ASE
Five Killer DaVinci Resolve 14 Features
ART OF THE CUT on delivering DUNKIRK in IMAX and 70mm

Complete 2017 Archive
Complete Art of the Cut Archive


Woody Woodhall

Silence in Sound
Sound Editing for Mixing
Working With Clients

Complete 2017 Archive

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