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Beginner videos and pro experiences

Adobe has been stretching out with new content for Creative Cloud video editing and motion design in the last several months, and is now offering a new 6-part “essentials” series, How to Make Great Videos (Live Stream Series),  and “Make it. A Talk Show from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Make It features stories from all sorts of creatives, so far including Chris Davidson (Dj Cutman) on his fortuitous path and tales from the chiptune and video game music world, with Jason Levine’s ‘magic bag’ to test Cutman’s metadata tagging chops.

In this week’s episode (below), Jason talks to ILM, Sony, and Dreamworks veteran VFX artist Billy Brooks about some of his basic secrets to creating great science fiction VFX.


In the 6-week essentials series on making great videos, Jason Levine covers steps for making outstanding video content, from starting a new project to sharing it with the world. You can tune in to the Adobe Creative Cloud Facebook page for hour-long live streams every Friday at 9am PT from May 5 – June 9, 2017.

Here’s the plan:

Part 1 | Ready, Set, Go! Project setup & importing footage

Part 2 | Fixing Common Video Issues

And in the coming weeks:

Part 3 | Titles, Transitions, and Overlays

Part 4 | Fixing Common Audio Issues

Part 5 | Playing with Dimensions

Part 6 | Sharing Your Work

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