Quick Tip: Replace your Dana Dolly washer

Save time and your sanity

I love my Dana Dolly. She’s quick to setup and tear down, rock solid, affordable to rent or own, and works with virtually any size speedrail or pipe. Dana rigs easily on combo stands, you can roll her around on short combos or slider stands with casters, and she makes overhead 90-degree look-down shots a breeze. In short, Dana rocks.

But one thing that always bugged me from day one was the size of the washer that ships with the stock kit. It’s juuuust a touch too small to easily cover the mounting hole on the dolly, and I have always find myself fumbling to center it up as you screw in the tripod tie-down.

So I went down to my local hardware store to find a larger washer to add to the Dana kit. Surely they would have several to choose from! And I quickly learned that large fender washers of that size are not readily available at most hardware stores. After spending a few more hours online looking for a washer replacement, and ordering a several different sizes that didn’t work so well, I’ve finally located The Perfect Dana Dolly Washer. You’re welcome, world.

This washer is the perfect Dana Dolly replacement washer. With an Inner Diameter of 1.562″, an Outer Diameter of 3.500″, and a Nominal Thickness of 0.140″, this magical stainless steel ring will cost you just $5.07 genuine US Dollars. This gorgeous hunk of stainless steel is guaranteed to improve your love life, increase your day rate, and save your sanity (note: guarantees not guaranteed). If you own a Dana Dolly, you want this washer, and it wants you. It’ll fit right into the case, and now you can use the original as a backup.

As a side note, Dana Dolly recently announced new portable pipe kit. This kit includes six 39″ track sections that screw together to give you plenty of track in a small package. I handled it at NAB, and it’s smartly engineered with junctions that join smoothly. Good for small vehicles, or travel where you can’t rent speedrail locally. Check it out.

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Very helpful…Thanks!

Matt Jeppsen
Matt Jeppsen

Glad to hear it!

Barry Goyette
Barry Goyette

thanks for this. I’ve spent the last 5 years “thinking” about going down to a machine shop so I could spend $100 for a washer of the right size. Frankly I wish DD would just make something that connects via a couple of screws to the dolly plate. My guess is most folks use either the mitchel mount OR one of the bowl mounts on a regular basis…

Matt Jeppsen
Matt Jeppsen

They actually do have new bowls that connect to the dolly plate. They’ll screw in “permanently” but can also be removed with tools if need be. Look in the Dana Dolly store


This has been a PITA since I bought the dolly. You would think DD would have figured it out by now.
I ordered the part here. Of course, the shipping cost exceeded the price of the washer. But worth every penny if it does a better job!

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