Lens review: Canon RF 24-105 f/2.8 1
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Lawrence L Huber

Excellent review.

Robbie Coblentz

Thank you! It really is a great lens. Just wish it was a little smaller….


Hi, It sounds like the perfect lens for me but i heard that there is no way to adapt RF to Sony E for full frame 🙁 is it true ?


Yes that’s not possible.


Wondering how you find it compared to the 18-80 just in terms of ‘usefulness’ on a C70 in particular. I use the 18-80 on the C70 pretty regularly now after getting the lens used for a good price. I don’t really have a problem with t4.4 most of the time, I actually like the more sort of realism look rather than very very shallow DOF. However I do need to switch to some Zeiss classic primes I have for shallower DOF at times because clients do like it. That is fine of course, but this new 24-105 definitely has me wondering if it could serve both purposes as a replacement for the 18-80 for most jobs. Just a shame I’d really miss that wide end you can get at 18mm, so I don’t know if I’d then just get annoyed having to switch out to a wider lens from the 24-105. There’s always a compromise somewhere! (Unless the C70 was full frame 🙃)

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