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conSOILDate your After Effects Solids and Nulls!




Why hello there! It’s been quite some time since I’ve done some After Effects scripting work, and I’ve been a bit MIA in the After Effects community lately. That is mostly due to the 3D transition I have been making over the years, and more so recently. I’ve been diving pretty hardcore into Houdini, Cinema4D, X-Particles, and TurbulenceFD as of late. None of those new by any means for me, but have just been in sharper focus as I push harder and harder to expand my skill set. I’ve even started a new Instagram account to highlight some of the experiments I have been doing. Search for davidtornovfx on Instagram to follow that work. I of course also still have much going up on my Vimeo channel as well.

Well enough catchup for the moment and on to the main reason why you are here. It’s conSOLIDator release day. conSOLI…who? conSOLIDator! This is my latest After Effects utility script that was started back in 2015 at the request of our beloved and great man of all things 80’s, Harry Frank. I started on the script quite strongly, then was thrown into a whirlwind of life, work, and general chaos. The script went onto the back burner, and quite frankly (no pun intended) I forgot about it. That was until the Adobe Product Manager for Motion Graphics and Visual Effects, Victoria Nece contacted me about another user with a request to conSOLIDate (yes I’m gonna write it like that for the rest of my life now) their project Nulls and Solids. Finding myself with quite a bit of free time this month, I decided it was time to resurrect conSOLIDator and forge on to completion. One more thing checked of my list of to do’s.

So today you can download conSOLIDator for free (cause I’m awesome like that), and get rid of those pesky duplicate Solids and Nulls in your After Effects project file. Try it out, you may even forget what you use to do before this script was available. Maybe not, but you will have less Solids to look at in your Project Panel.

An added bonus for those script builders out there or anybody who are fans of my scripting training, the script is open source. Yup, that means you get to see the script code in all of it’s messy glory. I even made a fair amount of comments throughout the script code to explain some of it too. Watch the video for a demo of what it does, not that it’s really needed. It only does one task, but if you like pictures, or just miss my voice, watch on.

DOWNLOAD the script here: conSOLIDator_R1.jsx

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