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February was a busy month as the Editblog posted a QuickTip a day for the entire month. Some were Adobe Premiere Pro, some Final Cut Pro X, others Avid Media Composer … even a few DaVinci Resolve tips and various other things. Feel free to browser #28daysofQuickTips from 2009, 2011 and 2015 as well but some of those might be outdated. Here they are by category in alphabetical order by NLE:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Day 1 #28daysofquicktips 2018 – Premiere’s Info window for total durations

Day 2 #28daysofquicktips 2018 – Mark IN for Match Frame in Premiere

Day 3 #28daysofquicktips 2018 – Track patching with the keyboard in Premiere Pro

Day 16 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – 3 reader Adobe Premiere Pro QuickTips

Day 17 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – See original clip names in Premiere Pro timeline

Day 18 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Free up some screen real estate in Adobe Premiere Pro

Day 22 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Group and Ungroup in Adobe Premiere Pro

Day 28 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Show Channel Volume in the Adobe Premiere Pro Clip Mixer

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Day 7 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Apply and Toggle audio fades in Final Cut Pro X

Day 8 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Temporarily enable a tool in Final Cut Pro X

Day 10 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Using Final Cut Pro X as the ultimate sound effects and music browser

Day 15 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Reader Final Cut Pro X QuickTips

Day 27 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Audition Adjustment Layers as Effect Collections in Final Cut Pro X

Avid Media Composer

Day 4 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Move Up Move Down in Media Composer

Day 5 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Mute Clips in the Media Composer timeline

Day 6 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – The Usage tab in Avid Media Composer

Day 19 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Map audio waveforms and keyframes in Avid Media Composer

Day 20 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – an extra 12db in the Avid Media Composer timeline

Day 24 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Reveal File in Avid Media Composer

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve and color grading

Day 14 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Pick Black and White Point in DaVinci Resolve

Day 21 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Use DaVinci Resolve free to test your XMLs and conforms

Day 25 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – A Bunch of Colorist Tips

Day 26 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Round-tripping just a few shots from Resolve

Other stuff

Day 11 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – The perfect Path Finder panel placement

Day 12 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Your library might have access to

Day 13 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Reversing Sunset to make Sunrise

Day 23 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Drag in media for a quick import into your NLE


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