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All the 2015 #28daysofquicktips in One Handy Link

February 2015 was another edition of #28daysofquicktips. This year’s edition followed up 28 Days of Quicktips from 2009 and 2011. We asked for reader Quicktips again this year (those are in bold below) and got a lot of good submissions so thank you for those. This year’s breakdown: 8 FCPX tips, 7 Adobe Premiere Pro, 8 Avid Media Composer and 6 other or multi-NLE tips. Maybe we can do it again in another year or two! Happy editing.

Final Cut Pro X

Day 1 – Minimize Interview Roles in FCPX

fcpx storyline mode

Day 2 – G for Storyline mode in Final Cut Pro X

Day 3 – Remap numbers 1 to 9 on your Final Cut Pro X keyboard

Day 4 – Override clip connections in Final Cut Pro X

Day 5 – Move a Clip’s Connection Point in Final Cut Pro X

Day 6 – Option click to move the Final Cut Pro X playhead

Day 25 – Consolidate Media Outside (Externally) of a Final Cut Pro X Library

Day 26 – Make an Audio-only Dissolve in Final Cut Pro X


Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Day 9 – Trim to Playhead in Adobe Premiere Pro

Day 10 – Create an Audio-only Multicam Clip in Premiere Pro

Day 11 – Select a Specific Layer in the Premiere Pro Source Monitor

Day 12 – Clean up the Adobe Premiere Pro Viewing Monitors

Day 13 – Full Screen Playback Options in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Day 14 – The Find in Timeline command in Adobe Premiere Pro

Day 24Nesting Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Avid Media Composer

Day 17 – Mute a Video Clip in Avid Media Composer 8

Day 18Avid Media Composer keyframes: Fixed vs Elastic and others

Day 19Using the Scratch Removal Tool as a shortcut in Avid

Day 20ALT (Option) + U to re-enter Avid Media Composer Trim mode

Day 21 – Use EDL Comments to View Notes in Avid Media Composer Timeline

Day 22Add a Specific Track Number in your Avid Media Composer Timeline

Day 27Use Un-sync Locked Tracks for Easier Music Revisions

Austin Flack sent over Day 27 and this tip took the prize as the (my) favorite as Austin won the copy of The Color Correction Handbook. Not only was this a tip that I learned something from but this tip generated a lot of discussion on an Avid editor Facebook group. And this tip could also be used in Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro 7.

Day 28A few Avid Media Composer tips from Marcin


Other non-NLE specific tips

Day 7 – Remap the H key away from the HAND tool

Day 8Use a Trackpad for Better Navigation

Day 15 – Sync Folders on a Mac

Day 16Talk with your producer about that script

Day 23Use Special Characters for a Star Rating System

Day 29A Batch of Media Composer & FCPX tips from Jesús

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