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Day 22 #28daysofQuickTips 2018 – Group and Ungroup in Adobe Premiere Pro

This reader QuickTip highlights what I think is a little used feature of Premiere Pro

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Day 22 is another reader QuickTip that comes to us all the way from Jamaica. Twain Richardson is an editor and post-production pro in Kingston (and a longtime Twitter user) and he sends us a note about Grouping and Ungrouping in Adobe Premiere Pro. Take it away Twain:

My quick tip is Group and Ungroup. This is useful for when you want to move a bunch of clips plus audio but don’t want to mess up how you have things.

Adobe Premiere Pro Group

Here’s how it works.

For this example I have Group mapped to G and Ungroup mapped to Cmd+G

1. Select clips and/or audio that you want to group
2. Press G to group them and then move them around
3. You can select any clip in the group for it to highlight all the clips within that group
4. Press Cmd+G to ungroup

Adobe Premiere Pro group in action

Additionally, while clips are grouped, you can change their duration by holding down Alt (or Option) and selecting that clip and change it as you please. When you are finished, click anywhere and it is now back to being in the group. You can also group as many clips/audio together as you want.

Editor’s note: This is a great tip as I think the Group/Ungroup feature of the PPro timeline often goes unnoticed and underused. It’s unique to Adobe Premiere Pro as neither Final Cut Pro X or Avid Media Composer has anything quite like it in the timeline.

Twain has changed his default keyboard mapping from Group/Ungroup but here’s the default below.

Adobe Premiere Pro group keyboard default

Also be aware the the Linked Selection toggle button in the timeline affects Grouped clips. For the Group to work the Linked Selection must by turned on.

I wish Adobe would identify clips that have been grouped together by some kind of visual reference in the timeline once the clips are grouped together. I think that’s the only thing I would add to this feature.

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