MAGIX launches ACID Pro 10 with powerful new features
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Nicholas Italia

Does Acid Pro support video files?

James Doat

I’ve used AXID for two decades now, and I’ve tried every version of Magix ACID since they upgraded to 64bit, and without a doubt every single version they have put out is too buggy to use in a hobby sense much less in a serious professional manner. This is without hyperbole, or malice–I honestly wish someone would fix what Magix broke, and make no mistake, Magix broke it. I still use ACID Pro 7, the last version that Sony produced, it’s 32 bit, and I prefer it what Magix is currently putting out.

Out of the box MIDI barely functions, VSTs are near useless, even the VST synth that Magix includes with it only work intermittently inside ACID 10, while it will run flawlessly in Reaper.

I have posted multiple times to their message boards practically begging for someone to point me in a direction where I can find resources to help trouble-shoot MIDI issues, and never a single reply from anyone with any connection to the program.

Again, I wish someone would step in and fix these issues, I love this program, it does things easily that other programs barely touch, but without some kind of serious attention, and an open ear to the current user base, this program is going to die, and that’s truly sad as it was once at the top of the of the list. Now is is quite literally useless in any real-world situation, again no hyperbole, it is literally useless as a DAW.


MAGIX barely adds anything I. Upgrades and this is the third version they’ve releases. If you have a fully updated AP8, there is no point spending on AP10.

So, its getting tiresome hearing you people complain about this relic of a DAW. ACID Pro users should have moved to Cakewalk by BandLab after AP8 and just used ACID via ReWire until they acclimated the new DAW – not that thats needed, and its prolly better they dropped it cold turkey, anyways. Samplitude Pro X is also much better.

I don’t understand why some continue to dump money into this software, and they run to the internet to complain – again – about it.

Tiina R

I write this with a heavy heart since Sony Acid Pro 7 was my first love in music production. But I have Acid Pro 10 and Acid Pro Suite 10 (got it in hopes that perhaps it works better than the regular version). It doesn’t. It’s so filled with bugs that it’s like a tragicomedy. Sometimes it crashes before you can enter the first midi line. Not to mention after you save and close a project, upon re-opening the vst-s will be all messed up, not how you left them. I’m going to try and get a refund because I’ve spent days, without being able to complete as much as half a of a track. It’s sad.

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