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Working Around QuickTime 7.4 Errors in After Effects

As noted nearly everywhere motion graphics artists congregate on the web, QuickTime 7.4 and After Effects don’t play nicely together. Apparently Apple’s movie rental DRM…

New Red Camera On Track For NAB

New Red Camera On Track For NAB

While it’s very early to be certain, it looks as though Red will bring another new HD camera to start lusting, er, saving for. You can expect prototypes…

PMW-EX1 Lens Fix

Carroll Lam over on has posted a PDF memo dated 15 December 2007 (reproduced below) in which Sony lays out their plans for fixing EX1s with asymmetrical, corner…

Red’s Rolling Shutter and Flash Strobes

The Red Digital Cinema camera uses a CMOS sensor with a rolling shutter. One of the criticisms of the camera is the fact it is subject to rolling shutter artifacts…

Sony’s Mac SxS driver doesn’t play well with the Duel Systems Adapter

Sony distributes an SxS card driver with the PMW-EX1 camcorder. If you install it on your MacBook Pro running 10.4, you won’t be able to read…

Panasonic Ships Popular AG-HVX200 With Free 16GB P2

Panasonic Ships Popular AG-HVX200 With Free 16GB P2

Press Release: SECAUCUS, NJ (December 12, 2007) – Panasonic announced today that, starting this month, it will be shipping new AG-HVX200 P2 HD camcorders with a free 16GB P2…

P2 vs. SxS – an Unfair Comparison

P2 vs. SxS – an Unfair Comparison

One of the advantages Sony has been touting for SxS is a lower cost per bit than you’d get with Panasonic’s P2 cards. At B&#038…

PMW-EX1: Update on lens issues

When I looked at a prototype Sony PMW-EX1 camcorder I noted that the lens had some problems. Sony told me that the prototype had a lens element misaligned due…

FreshDV Follow Focus System Reviews

FreshDV’s full review of five popular follow focus units was first printed in the October 2007 issue of DV Magazine. It included reviews of the Chrosziel, Cinetech, Redrock…

Production Jobs and Responsibilities of Crew

After a recent conversation with some fellow filmmakers I was reminded of how mysterious in some ways our industry is, and how many people may not even be clear of…

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