Apple Mac Studio Review Part 2: Mac Studio and the M1 Ultra for video editors 11
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Thanks for part 2. Really appreciate it.

A couple of questions. I edit with Resolve and need a solution that will provide the capture of analog video, 2 desktop monitors, and video output for a production monitor. Black Magic doesn’t make external USB-C/Thunderbolt boxes so I would have to buy an external PCIe chassis to use my Decklink card with a Mac Studio. Do you have any real world insight whether that will work or not?

Thanks once again for the excellent article.


Black Magic does make external monitor devices, the Ultrastudio line is the external cousin of the Decklink series. They go up to 4k 60fps (and hdr if I’m not mistaken) input/output HDMI/SDI depending on the model.


Thanks guys.


Nice article. I use a Ultra. Exporting 45minute episodes in about 5 minutes for quick review for the directir or my producer is a HUGE timesaver. Especially when you know how often they ask for a new version.
RLSOCO has a carrying case for the Mac Studio. Perfect fit for your Studio, cables, mouse and some ssd’s. Far more discrete than walking around with the original Apple box. I travel between my home edit room to the company’s edit bay. Within 4 minutes I’m set up or packed to return. No monitors involved.
I love the formfactor vs. specs.


Thank you for this detailed article! Really appreciate it. I have one question regarding portability. Are we allowed to take Mac Studio as carry on , if we need to fly with it? (domestic and international). I am searching for this info for quite some time now.

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