Review - LumaFusion iOS video editor (okay maybe more a mini review) 27
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Well, there you go! Can we now FINALLY stop with the “We need FCP/the Pro Apps for the iPad!!!” nonsense now? Thanks.

Unless of course someone… ANYONE can tell me anything one can’t already do with either this or any of the various other apps for the iPad? Something that somehow makes having a pointless, castrated (because it will have to be) version of FCP a necessity or somehow a worthwhile workflow *advantage*? Not just “because that will make the iPad and me totally PRO… for some reason… that I can’t explain…”?

Oh right. No one can. It’s mindless.


I’m sure. As NOOBS will never die out either. They go hand in hand.

Lartigue Ltd

I like it but niggles like no KB shortcuts for precise trimming are a sticking point. BUT if I could start bigger projects and say log rushes with keywords and get them into FCP then it would be a game changer for me. No more sore shoulders from lugging MacBook Pro!

Barry Pasco

With all the great features to create a final movie I’m still not sure if the app has editing ability to adjust things like: shadow, contrast, color saturation, or speed of the clip.
Is there an app that does just those editing features.

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