Review: 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max for video editors - Part 1 17
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Micha Zimmer

Thx for sharing all that information, especially the “how it feels” section! Very helpful. Can´t await delivery 🙂

Daniel Sczepansky

It would be interesting to know how many 4K60 streams are usable in FCPX for multicam editing. Skipping the proxy transcode would be a great time saver. I’m dealing with 1+ hour long 4K60 H.264 clips at 100Mbit and would love to edit them directly. It seems the editing in DaVinci was also done without transcodes. How smooth was the playback?The M1 was too slow even with 2 streams so I wonder if the M1 Pro or Max finally have enough performance for that

Last edited 2 years ago by Daniel Sczepansky

Now that you’ve had time to edit more on the machine, we’d love to learn what those intangibles are.

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