Apple silicon M Mac comparisons 5
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Seriously? THERE IS NO X in Final Cut Pro. Sheesh. 🙄

And anyone with half a clue knows that the M3 will NOT be released in ANY Mac on Monday. But an M2 iMac, Pro or not… I can see that having a very high probability. I’m definitely for a 27″ either way.

And when you once again look at the embarrassing “speed” of PPro (not to mention its lack of stability and painfully convoluted GUI), you really have to wonder who is still paying their monthly ransom for this archaic nonsense. Wow.

“Pro” my a$$.


Right. When someone disagrees or points to errors they’re of course A TROLL. How very mature. 👍🏼

And I’ll be sure to let the King of England and others know that their name is apparently fake. Good one.

Charly the Fake

Oh gee. 🥲 Didn’t realize this was meant to be your personal echo chamber. My bad!
“If you don’t agree unequivocally with any and everything I say, you’re just a negative, smarmy TROLL.” Got it.


Heh heh.


Yeah, “Scott”. To add the M3 into the lineup in light of the unreleased and very expensive (more expensive than *anything* released yesterday) Vision Pro that “only” has an *M2* chip seems to be a bizarrely bad move, yes! So either they’re only going to make the VP look that much more outrageous because already “old” OR they’ll add an M3 to it as well. And maybe always knew they would but couldn’t say so for obvious reasons! It sure would make a lot of sense for battery reasons alone. We’ll see.

Oliver Peters

The area where the PC vs Mac argument still has some relevance is in 3D animation and rendering. That’s mainly because in a PC you can still install beefier GPU cards and get better performance.


Thanks for this piece!

Some confusion though, at first you say it’s an M2 Ultra Mac Studio, but later it sounds like it’s actually an M2 Max Mac Studio?

The Topaz differences between M1 Ultra and M2 Max are most likely because of double the CPU cores on the Ultra (better multi-core performance) rather than ProRes encoders.

Interesting anecdote about the colleague with the custom built PC. Looking forward to see what the M3 generation brings!


Thanks Scott, this is a great breakdown. Over this year I have been steadily migrating from PC back to Mac and a lot of it has to do with what you alluded to. Macs tend to just work and dealing with constant driver issues on my high-horsepower PC isn’t worth it any more. Anyway, thanks for the time you took to compile this.

Marc B.

The M series Macs have always had great price for the performance, but their low profile, quiet operation, and energy efficiency really makes them appealing. It’s also nice not to deal with the hassles of configuring a PC, which has gotten more complicated over the last few years.

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