Review: 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max for video editors - Part 2 vs iMac Pro 13
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Neil Sadwelkar

A very well done review in ‘real world’ situations. Thanks for this.
As it happens, I too own a base model iMac Pro bought in 2017. Not really considering a new 14″/16″ MBP, since I’ve got a 13″ M1 MBP w 16GB RAM just 2 months ago. But this review gives a good sense of where things are at with the M1 systems.
The M1Max 16″ MBP config you’ve selected (64 GB, 2TB), would cost only slightly less than the iMac Pro did in 2017. So, even after 4 years the iMac Pro holds up quite well, as some of your scores show.
Whenever the new iMac Pro is out it will need to be really something vastly better than the current 16″ M1 Pro/Max MBPs. And even then, the 2017 iMac Pro will remain a perfectly usable machine for at least another 2-3 years.

Actually, your review kind of demonstrates how far ahead of its times, the 2017 iMac Pro was.


IMac Pro was a wonderful machine. I do find the 16 Max faster especially on timeline performance. It’s also portable. As the Intel iMac Pro is losing resale value I just went from an m1 laptop and the desktop to just the Max laptop (and a souped up 3080ti based PC for games/VR) for edit work. I can finally have a portable iMac Pro.

This doesn’t change the fact the iMac pro is still gloriously capable for most workflows in FCP. It’s just not portable.

Daniel Toman

Best video editor M1 Max review I’ve seen! Thanks for all the meaningful tests, I can’t wait for the expected dual / quad M1 Max desktops.

Alex Aitken

Excellent review and it breaks down the exact things I do in post every day (and I have the same iMac Pro spec). I’ll be keenly looking at the first iteration of a desktop silicon chip but I’m content for now.

Ro Yo

This article was exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

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