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James Oreilly


Great job on your review of the StreamDeck +.

Despite my discussion with Elgato tech support in which they state the StreamDeck does not work when connected to a USB Hub I have successfully done so with my StreamDeck XL when connected to a Sabrent HB-B7C3 USB 3 Hub

The HB-B7C3 has seven ports of which any one can supply power plus data communication to the Stream Deck

In addition I have connected the USB 3 output from the HB-B7C3 hub to a USB to Ethernet extender as the workstation is located in another room. The combination of the USB hub and Ethernet extender allow using the Streamdeck at a distance from the host computer.

I hope the Stream Deck+ will function the same as the StreamDeck XL with a USB hub and extender.




Based on my discussion with Elgato tech support regarding the Streamdeck XL they were clueless about powering a Streamdeck XL via an external USB hub as they are not willing to test the process henceforth they outright refuse to recommend or endorse it.

It’s seems tech support is unaware of the usage scenarios a power user such as myself would require when using a Streamdeck XL at a distance from the workstation . I believe their expectation is that users will have the computer directly at the desktop .

Compare the power requirements specs for both Streamdecks to determine if they are the same or not.


Just got a Stream Deck+ and it’s working fine when plugged into my USB hub. I have it setup so the hub is plugged into a Thunderbolt dock and I have no issues with the Stream Deck+

Both the hub and thunderbolt dock are powered

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