Blackmagic Pocket 6K Pro: Long-Term and First Impressions 11
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Greg Anderson

You know, I’m not sure why I still pour over reviews of BM cameras the way I do. I guess I just want confirmations or to see who might be throwing rocks. I suspect that says more about me than the reviewers or the cameras (LOL).

I was an early BM adopter (and defender), going all the way back to the 2.5K Cinema Camera origins. People pointed and laughed at form. I smugly pointed at function. People derided all the things that the camera was not (like NOT being Canon or Nikon, RED or Arri). I lauded the images that were acquired for 1/10 the body price of an Alexa but were far, far from 1/10 the quality.

Part of me wishes the mainstream would find more respect for BM bodies and images. But another part of me likes the feeling of a secretive little club of we that “get it.” Maybe what would be sufficient is a respect for the camera imagery that rises to the levels afforded BM’s Da Vinci Resolve. I find that if I shoot and post (in Da Vinci), then just display the end product, no one is finding the work lacking in any regard if they don’t know up front the camera that produced it. Indeed, they often draw “oohs” and “aahs” when no one is the wiser that the body lacked one of those “professional manufacturer” logos.

Thanks for the fair and detailed review, and another… confirmation.

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