What is a "Cinema Camera"? A Canon C70 Review and Discussion 11
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Mark Spencer

Excellent article, Kenny, thank you.

Studio KHO

Yes, you are right! C70 is looking good. Nice article.

Len Kaufman

Great article. Well said. Came at a point where I was looking (wistfully) at the C70, waiting for an uptick in business (post Covid?) when I could justify moving up from my C100mk2. I’ve yet to have a client ask me for 4K, but I’m sure it’s coming, whether they need it or not. And the first accessory I’ll need to get when I go 4K is a new computer, which i will build.

Gabe Strong

I was looking at getting the C70 myself but ended up going for the Sony FX6. I was lucky and was one of the first to get it. I really like it but there are a couple things on the Canon that I look at wistfully. The eND on the Sony is amazing but having 10 stops of ND instead of 7 would be nice for example……both cameras are undeniably great though.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gabe Strong
Daniel Lowe

Love this article. Now if we can get Canon to allow Sigma to make an 18-55mm f/1.8 lens for the C70… there is not one lens that’s specifically for the C70 on the market!!

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