Super35 or Full Frame? // C300mkIII & C500mkII Comparison 1
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Tom Board

Fabulous article, thank you. Great decision to focus on sensor differences, and bringing to life the practicalities of using these two cameras. Best camera ‘review’ article I’ve read in ages.


Incredibly well written and informative article; I found what you said around ISOs especially useful, and confirmed my feeling that excepting when you need maximum dynamic range outdoors, it’s better to keep it in the 200-400 range.

Dominic Brotz

Thank you for your video and article.

Can you say somthing about the downscaled image to s35 4K RAW from the C500 MarkII in terms of sharpness and debayering false patterns?

As a option when i would shoot in RAW but not with the huge datefiles at FF 6K.

Thx for your answer.


Listen up kids. Mr McMillan know what he’s talking about.


I heard a canon rep say one time that the c500 applies analog gain to the sensor on ISOs that are multiples of 800. That would explain the “pops” you were seeing when going up the ISO range.

Rob Wettengl

Can’t find your live stream article.? Obviously you cam match cameras in post but can you get a match with 300 and 500 for a live event?

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