Tota LED Production Kit: a lighting kit for ENG and independent productions

Designed to be dependable, easy to carry around and deploy, the new lighting kit from Lowel, a division of The Tiffen Company, is a modernization of the old Lowel Tota light.

ota LED Production Kit: an always ready location lighting kit

Lowel has launched the Tota LED Production Kit, a versatile 3-light setup travel kit daylight balanced (5600 K) and with a CRI of 96.3, the ideal solution for ENG and independent productions.

The Tota LED Production Kit, a travel kit which combines three Tota LED lighting fixtures with combination V-Mount / AC power supplies, three stands, a silver reflective Totabrella, and a white silk Tota-brella in a custom soft case for an easy traveling, quick deploying location lighting kit that is ready when you are.

The new kit provides, says the company, “a powerful daylight source that offers plenty of illumination for use indoors and outdoors” with a high CRI of 96.3. The ability to power the lights off of AC power or V-Mount batteries makes the Tota LED among the most flexible location lights available. Their low power draw means hours of light off of common professional batteries. Setup in minutes and be ready to shoot right away.

Daylight balanced LEDs

The Lowel Tota LED is ideal for use outdoors for stand ups, for increasing the ambient illumination of a space, or combining into a 3-light setup for interviews. The Tota-brellas offer even more options for quickly modifying the Tota LED’s clean, clear light by reflecting it to create smooth shadows or as a direct diffuser for professional results.

The Tota LED floodlight is designed with a rugged all-metal construction to withstand the rigors of daily location shooting. Its daylight balanced LEDs (5600K) output the equivalent of a 750w tungsten fixture with flicker-free dimming from 100-0%. The custom case securely stores the fixtures and all accessories with internal dividers for transportation or shipping, including room to spare for accessories, an additional zippered compartment, and a padded shoulder strap.

The Lowel Tota LED Production Kit offers ENG and independent productions a complete lighting package that is, according to Lowel, “dependable, travels well, deploys quickly, and illuminates beautifully.”

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