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PVC’s Black Friday 2019 best deals: three days until Black Friday

We continue with our list of suggestions for ProVideo Coalition readers around the world. Everything from plugins to hardware can be found at special prices during this period of the year.

PVC’s Black Friday 2019 best deals: three days before BF

Here are some more Black Friday deals that you might want to check. Don’t forget to look at the other lists published the last days. You’ll find the links to them at the end of this article.

We are aware that not all deals are viable everywhere, but due to the characteristics of modern day trade, it is possible to make Black Friday an international experience – which it already is, anyway – through online sellers. So do look through some of the promotions we have for this new collection of deals, and don’t forget to check the previous bargains we shared, which you can find following the links at the bottom of this page. More 2019 Black Friday deals soon!

PVC’s Black Friday 2019 best deals: three days before BF

Avid’s 20% off any One-Year Subscriptions

If you want to subscribe to Avid’s software, you better do it NOW! The Black Friday deals lasts only until December 1, 2019, so if you want to have 20% off any One-Year Subscriptions, don’t wait until tomorrow. The clock is ticking! Use the promo code BF2019 when selecting the product ou want.

A few things to note: The code associated with this promotion can be used multiple times. Cannot be combined with any other promotion (only one code can be used at a time) and not applicable to previous purchases. Purchasing a new subscription through this offer will not renew or otherwise extend an existing subscription. The 20% discount will appear in the checkout summary on shop.avid.com once the promo code BF2019 has been applied.

To know more about Avid’s deals follow the link to the website.

PVC’s Black Friday 2019 best deals: three days before BF

Divergent media’s Black Friday

Imagine all the scopes you’d expect from hardware, and many many more. That’s ScopeBox! Or ScopeBox Pro! Now, and through December 6th, you can have this custom toolset crafted for creative professionals – colorists, editors, and shooters a a special price, by using the code zeroIREfriday.

To make things easier when it comes to buy, Divergent media offers 40% off all its products until December 6th, so  whether you want EditReady, the first year of ScopeBox or ScopeBox Pro, ScopeBox Perpetual licenses, even upgrades, you know exactly what you get. But don’t wait for the last days of the promotion.

Black Friday with MindShift PhotoCross

Think Tank Photo has a special offer for adventure photographers who need a camera bag that’s as tough as they are. With their rugged materials and faceted design, the MindShift PhotoCross sling bags from Think Tank Photo will protect your gear from punishing trips into the wild. The PhotoCross is built to withstand the elements, yet comfortable enough to wear on long days. This sling bag stays out of the way when you’re scrambling but offers quick access to your camera when you’re ready to take the shot.

The PhotoCross sling bags are 40% off during this period from November 27th until December 2nd. The PhotoCross 13 now costs $77.99 instead of $129.99, while the PhotoCross 10 costs $68.99 instead of $114.99. Ift you’ve ever wanted a sling bag for your exploration trips in nature, this is an offer to consider.

PVC’s Black Friday 2019 best deals: three days before BF

Primal Cuts cuts the prices

Whether you need the functionality of Gpanel or PDFViewer, Primal Cuts has you covered. Not only that, the company has cut the prices for this period of the year, so you get 40% off all products, simply by using the code “blackfriday40”. It’s as simple as that.

Gpanel  allows users to open and edit any Google Doc or Google Sheet and is one of the best utilities in your creative arsenal. It is great for Scripts, Script Notes, Storyboards, Transcriptions and To-Do lists. With PDFviewer you can open and  view any PDF file inside the Adobe interface. This will save you countless hours of switching back and forth to other applications and resizing the Adobe interface.

Teradek: the promotions continue

Teradek’s black Friday continues with a series of new promotions.  After the Bolt 500XT wireless transmitter / receiver kit getting its lowes price ever, with $740 off, a deal that is part of Teradek’s Black Friday specials and will be available through the end of the year or while supplies last, it is time for other promotions.

Here are some of the suggestions:

  • Buy a CTRL.3 Wireless Lens Control Deluxe Kit (1-Motor) – Get a FREE SmallHD Cine 7 500 RX
  • Buy a Bolt 3000 DSMC2 TX, Bolt 3000 XT RX – Get a FREE SmallHD Cine 7 Monitor with RED Camera Control License
  • Buy a Bolt 3000 XT SDI/HDMI Wireless TX/RX Deluxe Kit – Get a FREE Sidekick XT Receiver
  • Buy 2 ServPro Devices – Get a FREE Link Set-Ready Router
  • 26% OFF VidiU Go Deluxe Kit
  • Save $1,000 on Cube 755

Interested? Then visit Teradek’s website, where you’ll find all the special offers available.

$200 instant rebate on the i1Photo Pro 2!

X-Rite has a special promotion on the most popular i1Pro package for professional quality RGB paper profiles on any size printer up to 60 inches: get the i1Photo2 for $1199 instead of the regular price, now, of $1399 (was $1699). The promotion is for USA and Canada only, and is valid… while supplies last. So, if you want the i1Photo Pro 2, visit the website and use the code i1Photo200 to claim your $200.00 off.

The company has a series of other promotions running, some of the until December 31st, 2019.  When you purchase a qualifying ColorChecker Passport Photo 2, i1Display Pro, or i1Studio you’ll get a rebate check by mail! This is your chance to get great savings and get great shots for the fall color photo season! The promotion is for USA and Canada only.

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