News Image Review: new image viewer for video, photos and graphics introduced Image Review, a brand new rich image viewer that brings full support for all visual assets to the powerful platform.

Filmmakers use images for everything from location scout photos to graphical assets, so the new Image Review expands the collaboration toolset to speed up workflows entirely.

The first of many features to further raise the bar for how teams create video was introduced this month of May., the leading workflow management platform for video, announced Image Review, the new advanced tool designed to super-charge creative workflows by bringing all of the platform’s powerful review and collaboration capabilities to more types of visual media like photos, illustrations, and graphic design.

“Video is a composite of all the creative arts, and working with images is an essential part of the video creation process,” comments Emery Wells, co-founder and CEO of “We use images for location scouts, castings, photo shoots, illustration, and design. Today we’re launching all new Image Review tools which will enable our customers to work with a wider range of creative assets and centralize more of their production and postproduction workflows in one place.”

Since 2017, when Artificial Intelligence was introduced in’s projects, that the company has moved fast to offer new tools to professionals. The same year and Pond 5 reached an agreement allowing video professionals to have direct access to the to the Pond5 marketplace and send video clips directly from Pond5, fast-tracking the selection, approval and distribution process.

The all new was  revealed at the 2018 NAB Show, last March, and introduced Watch Folders for macOS, a new way to move media, no matter where you are, how bad the Internet connection is or how large the files are. Now, the company presents another step on the way to a better, with Image Review.

The expansion of’s toolset to support high-resolution images will enable professional video teams to collaborate on visual content and manage their video creative assets, all in one place. Filmmakers will be able to collaborate on imagery from location scouts, castings, mood boards, and other graphical assets; content marketers can now easily collaborate with their teams on video branding concepts and high-res imagery; and digital agencies can share robust creative campaigns with clients using safe and secure review tools on anything from ad spots to Instagram Stories.

“Staying ahead in an ever-evolving technology landscape means using creative tools that work well and are centralized. does that for us,” said Johnny Budden, Group Creative Director at AKQA. “Our projects can have hundreds of creative assets, from many versions of the same video, to print creative, and social imagery. The addition of’s Image Review tools allows our teams to move our creative project forward, all on one platform.”

The new Image Review tool supports high-res images rendering up to 8K resolution previews with the ability to pan, zoom, loupe, and annotate. Now with the capability to collaborate on creative assets in one place, media professionals can produce better content, faster, and cheaper. From video to images, teams can gather clear feedback to deliver their next video project on time and under budget. Image Review Tool Key Features

  • Commenting & annotations. Make your team’s best shot even better by adding comments that make feedback clear, or get super specific by drawing directly on visual assets using annotations.
  • High-resolution renders. ow allows you to view your images at up to 8K resolution.
  • Graphical assets. Preview your graphical or animation elements as crisp, sharp PNGs.
  • Zoom, pan, and loupe. Ideate on your images, like they’re in your hands – zoom with a pinch, pan by dragging, and magnify at 100% resolution with the new loupe tool.
  • Full screen viewing. View your images in full screen mode for a distraction-free experience.
  • Mini image map preview. When zoomed in and looking at a large image, use the new mini image map to find your current area of focus. Image Review tools make it the most comprehensive collaboration toolset for professionals working with video, photos, or rich visual assets.  It’s an interesting departure from the “video only “ concept some might associate to the company’s name. As Emery Wells says in a blog post on the company’s website, “the new image review tool in now makes collaborating with stills as powerful as video”. If that’s something that interests you, then accept his suggestion: Try it out for free and begin collaborating on video and images like a boss.”

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