Fare-thee-well PluralEyes - you were truly revolutionary 5
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This makes me very sad. I still use PluralEyes for every project because it is just so simple to use and super fast. I will continue to use it as long as it still works.

Ronald Sussman

not going to lie, I won’t miss it. Once red Giant bought it, it went downhill. It only worked about 70% of the time and re-ordered your sequence, which I found infuriating. It’s mostly unnecessary with most modern NLEs anyway. Resolve syncs faster and doesn’t rely on a sequence to sync

Raymond Lutz

Any adventurous DIYers here? I’m developing a hardware/software combo for dual system sound shootings. Yes, I’m a little off topic, sorry. Note: waveform analysis can’t be a substitute for hardware based AV syncing when cam is too far from the audio source: a mere 15′ difference incurs a 15 ms audio lag on the scratch track…

Brett Nelson

Thank you for the great article! I loved Plural Eyes. I’ve used it for a dozen years. When I started using it, it felt magical. The ability to sync wild sound elements from a Zoom recorder while shooting interviews and b-roll was awesome and not otherwise possible. I regularly shoot 1-3 camera live events, often solo. Not all shoots have the budget of cameras with TC. One of my favorite multi-source shoots this year was for my daughter. We were at a theatre festival. I filmed with my iPhone. I had 7 other parents spread out filming on their phones at the same time. It was a fun way to recreate the experience of watching a live show. Thank you very much for recommending Syncaila! I just tried it and was able to sync several hundred clips from a four-day 2-camera shoot. It was so smooth and accurate! I love that it uses XML sequences in and out. I think I like it better than Plural Eyes because it lets me maintain my audio track formats.

Last edited 8 months ago by Brett Nelson

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