Audio Waveform Sync Shootout: PluralEyes vs Syncaila 1
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Reggie Field

Resolve does this without the need for 3rd party apps and it does it very fast

Last edited 9 months ago by Reggie Field
Eric S

I vehemently disagree with Maxon’s reasoning behind killing PE

Thank you! I did not know about Syncalia so thank you for bringing it to light. So angering that Maxon killed it. That whole ecosystem of an app to update the other apps etc etc was already frustrating. To me it’s the classic corporation buying the little guy. Thank you for acknowledging it.


I’ve been using Syncaila the past couple days and just realized one big pro for Plural Eyes was the ability to export clips with sync’d audio only.

Last edited 5 months ago by Eric
Chris G

I couln‘t agree more Scott.
I see all points confirmed in my own experience. (Except that I could not test in Final Cut pro). Exactly for these situations, when you have a lot of material that you don’t know how it relates exactly to each other and you don’t have the time to dig through it manually, tools like Plural Eyes are worth their weight in gold.
Thanks for introducing Syncalia to me – I actually didn’t know about it either.
I was also very frustrated when I found out that PE is End of Life.
In addition, I also had doubts whether I might be using the new functions in the NLEs incorrectly, but your article confirms exactly my observation. I thought while reading the whole time: I’m not alone after all 😉

Thanks for this!

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