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D.L. Watson

Great article as always Scott. I hope that if Kyno does disappear, another company fills the void. It’s also a shame that Adobe hasn’t seen/cared for the massive interest in what Kyno has offered and integrated those features natively into Bridge.


Kyno is amazing and indispensable software. I’m truly surprised that it hasn’t been sold off separately or that no other company has sought to replicate it.

Juan Abad

I’m grateful that KYNO is still functioning well for me. But I’m eventually going to upgrade to the M1/M2 macs. As far as I know, there’s no native support for those chips yet. At this point, I’m looking for other software that can replace what KYNO has to offer. Especially since I work as a solo filmmaker and don’t require enterprise-level services from Signiant.


Juan – I am in the same position. Did you find a good alternative to Kyno?


shoot :\ that’s not what I wanted to hear, is KYNO still worth it as a solo content creator in 2023? really need something to manage my files. There is also Videux but it’s clunky and tiny team that don’t update much either. Between the 2, I’d be tempted to get KYNO even now. Or to buy an advanced FINDER to tag and add description, enough to search stuff at a bare minimum for my B roll
any suggestions? Eagle looks ok but not dedicated to video and doesn’t have .mts native video format


I’ve used NeoFinder to catalog and index my drives. It’s a great tool for searching drives that are offline. It doesn’t have a media player but it does show thumbnails and lets you tag files. I’m considering purchasing Kyno for the incredible set of tools it offers for media asset management, and also continue to use NeoFinder to search offline drives. It would be great if Kyno also could index and search drives that are offline.

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