Adobe Prelude is End of Life. Bridge still there. Kyno in limbo? 3
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Lee Berger

I used Prelude extensively for ingesting and renaming AVCHD and some XAVC files from cameras that don’t have unique or customizable file naming and always start with at zero (eg. 0000.mxf) I still have one of those cameras (Sony Fs5). Of course the original file name is unchanged, only the link in Premiere Pro.

Joshua Weiss

I was just on a shoot loading footage several times a day to clear off cards. I used prelude to do checksum validations of the media and rename. Can premiere do this yet?

Also what happened to prelude live logger? Is there an app that lets you do live logging of a shoot to timecode that can then be inputted to premiere? I’ve used Timecode+ cameraman before but workflow is a bit clunky. Don’t remember how I got markers back to premiere when I did it. It’s such a simple thing. Wish there was an easy computer app for it.

Anthony Torres

I would like to see something like Kyno but open source.


Just curious – why open source?

Michael Elmkjær Madsen

There has been a hole in the market the size of Grand Canyon for a simple, cost effective SQL based asset management system for small shops. Its absolutely mind boogling that no one has stepped up to the plate. This must be one of the biggest opportunities in media software for the longest time. And no one seems to get it. There are a TON of small production companies and one-man band shops who are struggling with asset management and NOTHING out there to fill their needs. Unless you spend +10.000k on a enterprise scale DAM. Oh KYNO, yeah, it kinda sorta works, but its NOT database driven which is a complete non-starter when you have media spread over multiple nas or HDDs and need to index and retrieve quickly. We’ve been looking at Prelude as a way of indexing and retrieving and fast growing b-roll archive. But its EOL’ed now. The industry is so infatuated with online solutions and enterprise licenses that this segment has been completely forgotten. Surely somebody sees this opportunity ???

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