VEGAS Pro 15 promises ultimate customization

Available now, the new VEGAS Pro 15 is presented as the ultimate flexible production environment, with a modern look, innovative functionality, powerful plug-ins, and more.

VEGAS Pro 15 promises ultimate customization

The new release of VEGAS Pro provides filmmakers, says MAGIX, with the ultimate work-space customization through a fresh and innovative UI that accommodates different workflows.

MAGIX announces the availability of the latest update to the VEGAS family of products. VEGAS Pro 15 once again, claims MAGIX, “establishes the software as an innovation leader with new features both inside and out, and a fresh, innovative UI that accommodates your personal workflow for maximum productivity. A modern look, powerful plug-ins, cutting-edge hardware acceleration, and important productivity tools and features help you work faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

Since May, 2016, when MAGIX acquired the VEGAS Pro product line, along with other video and audio, the company has invested to guarantee VEGAS Pro continues to provide the essential tools needed to edit and composite video, record, edit and mix multi-channel audio, and render and convert to a variety of formats for streaming or delivery via a DVD or Blu-ray disc. The new version introduces or expands a series of features, recently explained in detail here at ProVideo Coalition, that contribute to make the program more attractive to different users. Here are some of the new features:

  • Workflow and UI enhancements
    The innovative hamburger menu system, found throughout the application, keeps the UI clutter free and gives users the power to customize their work space, yet still grants easy access to all the tools. Selectable background shade, adjustable icon color strength, and streamlined track headers and event design enhance and maximize timeline workflow.
  • Hardware Acceleration
    Support for modern graphics cards and Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) technology produce enhanced real-time response and faster rendering times for important popular video formats.
  • Picture-in-Picture and Crop OFX plug-ins
    New PinP and Crop OFX plug-ins offer real-time controls right on the Video Preview window for direct manipulation of plug-in parameters, and provides a faster, more intuitive workflow.
  • Advanced Color Workflows
    Support for ACES 1.0 and a new LUT OFX plug-in give you the ability to work in the expanded color spaces of modern cameras from all major manufacturers.
  • Tools to speed productivity
    The Instant Freeze Frame, Selectively Paste Event Attributes, and the Share Online features provide short cuts to popular production workflows.
  • Professional plug-in bundles power creativity
    Industry-leading plug-in developers BorisFX, HitFilm, and NewBlueFX provide additional tools for VEGAS Pro 15 and VEGAS Pro 15 Suite that enable customers to enhance and repair video, generate spectacular effects and easily produce stunning titles.

“Since we resurrected VEGAS Pro a year ago, we’ve received a ton of valuable feedback, and VEGAS Pro 15 comes as a direct result of that customer feedback,” said Gary Rebholz, VEGAS Product Owner. “Everything we’ve done – from the very visible innovative approach to user interface design, to invisible deep-code optimizations to software and hardware acceleration, and all of the new features in between come straight from our users. This new version proves that VEGAS Pro is here to stay and sets the tone for an exciting future for the VEGAS line. We are very proud to present VEGAS Pro 15.”

VEGAS Pro 15 is now available online and in stores worldwide. See below the price for each edition:

  • VEGAS Pro 15 Edit – € 399 / $399 / £299
  • VEGAS Pro 15 – € 599 / $599 / £499
  • VEGAS Pro 15 Suite – € 799 / $799 / £649

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