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Magix releases VEGAS Pro 14

Finally available, VEGAS Pro 14 introduces a range of innovative new features and many critical improvements for an even more reliable, stable and efficient editing experience.

Magix releases VEGAS Pro 14

Three months after the official acquisition of the majority of Sony Creative Software products, MAGIX is releasing VEGAS Pro 14 worldwide. Users can now rejoice, as there is, after all, a future for VEGAS, under the MAGIX umbrella.

With HEVC and native ProRes support, tools to upscale HD video for use in 4K and UHD projects, and improved industry-wide hardware support, VEGAS Pro 14 offers powerful functionality and advanced features for top-end professional video and film productions.

“We’re very proud to release VEGAS Pro 14,” said Gary Rebholz, Product Owner for the VEGAS software line, “but most importantly, we’re humbled by the enthusiastic response from the user community. We’ve received a flood of emails and forum posts from users who want to see their favourite video editor thrive into the future. Based on this input, we’ve improved stability and added several key new features that make the software even more powerful. And we’re not done yet,” Gary continues. “With the user community as our guide, VEGAS Pro will become greater than ever.”

Every day, professional video editors and filmmakers from a wide variety of backgrounds take advantage of the unique approach to video editing that VEGAS Pro offers. Alexander Holtz Shedden, Video Director at ESL, the world’s largest e-sports organization said, “We use VEGAS Pro in our video production, because the software is ideally suited for us in terms of user friendliness and performance. We specifically appreciate its compatibility with many formats that we use on a daily basis. We would also like to highlight some of our feature requests have been implemented, which has greatly optimized our workflows.”

Magix releases VEGAS Pro 14

VEGAS Pro 14 – What’s new?

  • HEVC
    HEVC/H.265 technology enables users to compress video further than ever with far greater quality. This makes higher quality streaming possible and lowers file storage costs for content owners.
  • Native ProRes Support
    In order to eliminate reliance on problematic third-party technology, VEGAS Pro 14 includes robust native support for ProRes files. The VEGAS Pro technology properly preserves 10-bit ProRes files, thus avoiding any losses in video quality.
  • HFR Support
    Thanks to High Frame Rates (HFR) support, VEGAS Pro allows professionals to use modern cameras to their fullest potential.
  • Smart Upscale
    With the new Smart Upscale technology, HD footage can be upscaled to 4K and UHD resolutions while maintaining a high quality. This way, users can repurpose their vast collection of HD footage for modern 4K and UHD projects.
  • Smart Zoom
    The Smart Zoom feature makes it possible to reframe shots in post-production without losing quality. The keyframing techniques enable the editor to create camera zooms that were not shot in the field whilst preserving the shot’s quality and integrity.
  • Hover Scrub
    The new Hover Scrub tools make it much faster and easier to go through footage in the Trimmer window and mark In and Out points in media files. This leads to a faster editing and project assembly process.
  • Vignette Video Effect
    The new vignette plug-in enables users to add subtle vignette effects to their video clips. This makes it possible to alter video clips in order to create a different emotional reaction and set different points of focus in comparison to otherwise evenly lit shots.
  • Updated Hardware Support
    With improved support for today’s RED and Panasonic cameras as well as AJA and Blackmagic Design hardware, users can now edit footage from a broader range of cameras and enjoy greater flexibility in their video and film projects.
  • Increased Clip Velocity Limit
    Users can now set event velocity envelopes to a maximum of 1,000% (up from 300% previously) for fast motion at 10 times normal speed. Combined with the Clip Property Rate setting, this enables fast motion up to 40 times normal speed.

This version of the program is also more stable as the team has fixed over 30 major bugs, including many crashers, and have thus improved stability tremendously over previous versions. These fixes cover a wide range of features and operations throughout the application and will help restore user confidence that VEGAS Pro will continue to provide a stable editing environment.

Magix releases VEGAS Pro 14

VEGAS Pro 14 and VEGAS Pro 14 Suite also stand apart with a range of impressive plug-ins. With proDAD Mercalli V4, NewBlueFX Titler Pro Express and NewBlueFX Looks, VEGAS Pro 14 provides top-notch image stabilization, extra titling options and sophisticated filters and video effects.

VEGAS Pro 14 Suite includes the award-winning titling tool NewBlueFX Titler Pro 3 and several high-end plugins from Boris FX. Especially developed for the needs of professional post-productions, the Boris FX plug-ins ensure high-end motion tracking, advanced chroma keying and sophisticated 3D object creation and manipulation.

The following versions of VEGAS Pro 14 are now available: VEGAS Pro 14 Edit, VEGAS Pro 14 and VEGAS Pro 14 Suite.

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