SSDs — beyond basic benchmarks 1
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Interesting article, thank you.
A couple of things, you said “(The data rate of 1.31Gbps was, again, lower than expected as it was tripod-mounted.)” can you explain that further please? Is that related to image stabilisation?
Also I think you meant “fare far worse…” not “far fare worse…”

tony melov

Also, just a small thing, if you accidentally trash a file thats on an ssd and you think you can use a data recovery program like Data Rescue, techtool or some other app to get it back, then think again. Most SSDs have TRIM enabled now. Thats a process that wipes the info once you initiate an erase. So if you accidentally delete something on a TRIM enabled drive – then its gone for good.
This seems counter to all the guff on data recovery app websites but it is a fact now. Happened to me the other day, and no matter what program I used, nada. All gone. Zeros.

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