Why your new SSD is slow 1
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Great article! Going to bookmark this for educating colleagues.

FocusPulling (.com)

Confirms my results comparing the Crucial X8 to the Samsung T7 Shield — gigantic difference in performance, and embarrassing to Crucial who claimed equivalent specs.

Andrew Kastner

very informative. I’ve been looking for this article for a long time. I am using final Cut Pro and editing on a 2021 MacBook Pro with an Apple Silcon M1 chip. I just finished a 4K project and as the project got bigger final cut has become very very slow. I use SATA drives in an OWC thunderbolt Dock. I am thinking thats where it gets bogged down. There is no budget for this project so I don’t want to go out and buy super expensive RAID systems. What do you think would be the best poor man’s Hard drive for this dilemma? thanks

Last edited 1 year ago by Andrew Kastner

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