SanDisk SSD firmware updates 1
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Scott Simmons

This is an interesting thing happening with these drives. There are a lot of folks, rightly, up in arms as it seems SanDisk isn’t doing a lot of directly address this. And losing data makes people mad.

On the other hand, I’ve seen discussions of production companies who have 10, 20, 30+ of these drives they’ve used over and over for years with no issue. Truthfully, if you have data backed up the loss can be minimized as drive failure should be expected as it happens.


yeah if you have Sandisk Extreme V2 SSDs you’ve used “for years” (me too) then you’re probably okay. the failures seem to be happening on newer drives manufactured within the last year – from mid-2022 to today. not coincidentally the price on these has also dropped dramatically during that same time frame…


This happened to me on a shoot to 3 different drives. Thankfully due to good backup practices I didn’t lose any data. However these specific drives were deeply discounted before this happened, which to me says they knew there was an issue. Personally, I will never purchase SanDisk drives again.

Hung long

Really.. Just some concern? Those SanDisks are absolutely trash and if anyone is willing to bet on it until the company comes out clean and admits their fault and drives you’re part of the problem giving into 60% off sales for these broken drives. It’s ridiculous.

Jarnagin Jendra

I have a few older 1 TB. Is it worth looking into this serial #/ firm ware updates or it doesn’t apply to those?

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