UPDATED: Q&A: Shooting in ProRes Log on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max 1
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I’m hoping there will be a grip to 15 pro, that attaches securely to the usb c, includes adapters for audio and a built in power bank (MagSafe!?), but also contains a dock for say Samsungs t5/t7 hard drives, alternatively/also sd card reader. That would be gold!


Do you know if is is possible to record log with DJI Osmo 6 gimbal / mimo app or if there is an iphone 15 magsafe / powerbank / SD rec case?


Any luck? I’m using Dji’s wireless mics so all I need is a built in powerbank case + record to SD. Also, I’m using DJI’s OSMO 6 gimbal + the DJI Mimo app but can’t seem to figure out how to record log while using that app. Is that simply not a capability?

Mark Spencer

Great overview, Iain.


I just want to drop in and say that the Kingston XS2000/XS1000 when positioned perpendicular to bottom side of iPhone 15 Pro Max (not sure about the smaller Pro) results in a perfect fit that does not interfere with the MagSafe ring, and it also creates an ergonomically comfortable grip for holding the device in landscape. Currently I use velcro to mount them together, there just needs to be some sort of case that has mounting tab for this specific drive enclosure that’d be it!

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Hi there…I want to use my new iphone 15 pro max for B roll in some instances. I intend to use Blackmagic app…I have a Samsung T7 SSD Exfat formatted…and I have a magsafe case-I want to find a way to attach the drive to the phone case when I need it-not permanently-velcro could work but nah…in your article you wrote ” I attach my SSD to a magnetic charging pad, then attached that to the back of my phone”….this would work nicely I guess. Which magnetic pad do you have? any chance of a link? I’m so newbie at this (My old phone was a iphone 8!) -I guess you just cut the cord so that you can use it as a magnet? and then you attach the drive to the pad using velcro or something? I was considering using a USB-C thumb drive but some have write speeds of about 110 MB/s that while impressive, not fast enough for apple pro res 422 HQ-but I could use Pro Res LT I guess…still log? thanks

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