Sony IMX989 a 1-inch type image camera sensor for smartphones
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Proud to be associated with you.

Will like to be updated about pist-production gears.

Post-production and state-of-the-art Editing softwares

Will like to be updated about post-production and and state-of-the-art Editing softwares too. Professionally I am an editor [film and video].


You tell the dimensions of the sensor as 13,2×8,8 mm which means a diagonale of 15,8mm and you show a marketing image of „a sensor“ which claims a diagonale of 1“.
What myth is Sony trying to push to the world?
This is by far not anything of 1“ and shouldn‘t be named 1“-type, right?


Sony calls it “1-type”, it’s others who have put the inch sign.

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