ISOCELL HP3: a second 200MP image sensor from Samsung
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More mpx is a marketing point but there is truth beyond it because the best camera is the camera that’s in your pocket.The pixel size is tiny and certainly The lens that are used on mobile devices are tiny so they severely limit the detail of image captured… BUT !!!…….What’s often overlooked is that There will be situations in which the make up more megapixels will be a benefit.This is crystal clear when photographs taken in broad daylight So even if the lens can’t resolve much resolution the image is still Very usable because of pixels gathering clear -not noisy- information and there will be 108 millions in the Samsung’s sensor case to be post processed.Even slightly darker situations will produce usable photos after post processing . for me there is no doubt that mobile phone photography is simply a joke but my point is a phone is a very slim device that’s in my pocket so when I do not carry a camera Look that maybe what I will have to use toncapture the moment.You cannot have slim lens that will be of good quality That’s physics.So yeah this is what Samsung can do with the sensor There is certainly potential in some situations and that is for the average user in the most situations (Because people are sleeping the night and they work in the day) photos will be of acceptable quality. Samsung’s new sensor definitely better than 12mpx quite simply because the lens used on 12 megapixel sensors are crappy too .But for this comment to be useful to the reader just don’t spend too much money on the phone buy a proper camera instead !

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