PVC’s 2017 Black Friday deals: Day Three

We continue with our list of suggestions for ProVideo Coalition readers around the world. Everything from plugins to software, books or hardware can be found at special prices during this period of the year.

PVC’s 2017 Black Friday deals: Day Three

We are aware that not all deals are viable everywhere, but due to the characteristics of modern day trade, it is possible to make Black Friday an international experience – which it already is, anyway – through online sellers. So do look through some of the promotions we have for this third day, and don’t forget to check the Day One and Day Two bargains, which you can find following the links at the bottom of this page. More 2017 Black Friday deals soon!

PVC’s 2017 Black Friday deals: Day Three

Sigma Art on sale

This Black Friday, Sigma is doing something special. Eight prime lenses, five zoom lenses, and Sigma’s most popular accessory are all on sale for the holiday season. The Sigma Art lens line is the gold standard for image quality. Each is meticulously crafted in Japan, stands up to a rigorous A1 MTF Testing system, and is equipped with a four-year US warranty. Because ‘best in its class’ is simply a starting point, says Sigma. Now you can have some of these lenses with up to $100 off. Check Sigma’s Art sale special page.

PVC’s 2017 Black Friday deals: Day Three

iZotope affordable packages

Black Friday Specials, that’s what iZotope calls its list of promotions. Offering up to 80% off on some products, the iZotope offers is one to check right away. One example should convince you: the iZotope Elements Bundle combines three powerful, award-winning audio plug-ins in one affordable package: RX Elements, Neutron Elements, and Ozone Elements. It costs only $79 USD although the regular price is $199. There is more, though, so check iZotope’s website.

PVC’s 2017 Black Friday deals: Day Three

APress and the Premiere Pro deal

If you want to be a master of Premiere Pro, then this eBook/book is for you: The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro, a guide to “learn advanced editing techniques to dramatically speed up your workflow”. You can have the eBook for $9.99 instead of the regular $39.99, or choose the soft cover edition, which will cost you $12.50 instead of $54.99. the offer is valid until November 28. APress also has other books on promotion so it makes sense to explore the website.

PVC’s 2017 Black Friday deals: Day Three

Up to 75% at Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs has some special offers for this period of the year. You can save 75% when buying the whole Topaz Plugin Collection, paying only $249.99 instead of more than $1000. Or get the complete Topaz Studio Go Pro Pack for $113,75 instead of more than $450, again saving 75%. If you purchase the Complete Collection, you get even more discounts, as you can redeem your free adjustment upgrades and then purchase the Go Pro Pack. Interested= then check Topaz Labs website for more information about the 2017 Black Friday deals.

PVC’s 2017 Black Friday deals: Day Three

Go Rogue and save 20%

Rogue Photographic Design celebrates Black Friday offering 20% off on its collection of award-winning light modifiers. FlashBender reflectors were designed for versatility, and they can be used as bounce flash reflectors, gobos, and snoots to soften, shape and control your main, background, hair, rim, or accent lights. They are essential tools for speedlight enthusiasts. Check the website for these and other promotions from ExpoImaging.

PVC’s 2017 Black Friday deals: Day Three

Ripple Training bundles

Whether you want to want to learn the basics or dive deeper into Final Cut Pro, Motion, DaVinci Resolve or Logic, Ripple Training as you covered, and this holiday season is the time to get tuition at a better price. The entire tutorial library on sale until Tuesday, November 28th, 2017. There is more, though: following requests by customers. The company has added the ability for you to create custom bundles. Savings are tiered; the more you bundle the more you save! Visit the website to read all the information about the promotions.

PVC’s 2017 Black Friday deals: Day Three

Macphun Luminar and Aurora 2018 bonuses

The RAW and photo editor Luminar 2018 from Macphun (soon to be Skylum) was launched recently, but now there is a special Black Friday bundle with the program. If you’ve not yet decided to buy Luminar 2018, then now may be the time. When you buy Luminar for $69, you get FREE bonuses worth $130!  A pack of Creative Look LUTs, one eBook, a training video and the Urban Preset Collection wait for you. Find more information about the promotion following the link. Check also the promotion for Aurora HDR 2018.

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