Manfrotto TwistGrip: a new rig for smartphones

Introduced as the perfect support for social photographers, able to take the quality of your stills and video shots to a whole new level, the TwistGrip series from Manfrotto is a new modular rig for smartphones.

Manfrotto TwistGrip: a new rig for smartphones

Lightweight and compact, easily fitting in a pocket, the new TwistGrip from Manfrotto  can be configured to accept a wide range of accessories, to create the rig you need.

Do we need another smartphone rig? Manfrotto believes we do, and the TwistGrip System is the company’s answer to those looking for a new solution. Made in Italy, featuring a high-quality aluminium body you can rely on, as Manfrotto puts it, the TwistGrip range is for both videographers and photographers looking for ways to use their smartphones attached to a platform that helps not only in terms of stability but also allows for easy connection to accessories.

Manfrotto TwistGrip: a new rig for smartphones

Portability, compatibility and versatility are the key elements of the new TwistGrip. Designed so it fits into your pocket, the system also offers 1/4″ thread connections and multiple cold-shoe mounts allow for easy connection to photo accessories, and can be used with smartphones of different sizes, through a clamp able to safely secure your phone.

Manfrotto TwistGrip: a new rig for smartphones

TwistGrip has two different configurations and accessories for different approaches and occasions, helping you to achieve the best photo and video results. If all you need is a support for your smartphone allowing you to hold it, the ergonomic handle – HandGrip – now available supports your smartphone comfortably and safely, allowing for better stabilization. HandGrip connects quickly and easily to TwistGrip’s base thanks to its ¼” universal screw. You can also connect it to a tripod thanks to the universal attachment featured on its base. With its ergonomic rubber grip and comfortable wrist strap, this sturdy solution is the perfect smartphone stabiliser, keeping your device secure while you concentrate on shooting flawless pictures and videos. You also need a TwistGrip clamp, which is sold separately.

Manfrotto TwistGrip: a new rig for smartphones

If you need to use accessories with your smartphone, then the TwistGrip System, comprised of a BaseGrip and HandGrip creates the complete phone rig (handle plus bar) with multiple universal attachments for maximum modularity when shooting with your smartphone. The clamp can be used alone, with a tripod as support, for example, offering, yet, another option in terms of set-up combinations.

If you’re after a smartphone rig but want something different, then check the Shoulderpod line, mentioned here at ProVideo Coalition previously.

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