LumaTouch at NAB 2024: major update coming to LumaFusion 3
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Honestly… who actually even uses this? Never mind as of FCP and DVR for iPad?? Where it doesn’t even have NATIVE support for sending anything anywhere else. So if you want to do anything “serious” at your desktop, virtually all of these flashy new features (along with any and all titles, transitions, and what not else) are GONE and you can effectively start over if you don’t export a clip. What self-respecting “pro” is even going to actually edit an entire project ON AN IPAD beyond maybe a rough cut to need any of this?

Give me a break. This is just flogging an already dead horse. Nice try. But you’ve been Watson’ed. Deal with it.

Scott Simmons

Dang “Stewey” you usually rant against other stuff.


Dang “Scotty” you still have no answers or arguments to bring to the table just pointless ad hominem replies?

Well then, so no surprises here.


Dang “Stewey & Scotty” what are you guys talking about?

Scott Simmons

Ha, well, you can moan and complain all you want, but I would venture a guess that since the app continues to be developed, there must be people who actually ARE using the app despite your seeming frustrations that it still exists. But go ahead and complain reply guy.

Jürgen Dietz

Bevor jemand FCP ODER DVR kapiert hat, ist dein Projekt auf dem iPad bereit fertig. Was bringt dem mobilen Produzenten eine bis zum Stehkragen aufgeblasene Software , wenn die essenziellen wichtigen Werkzeuge völlig ausreichend sind. Und ja, professionelle Projekte sind möglich, alles andere ist reine Überheblichkeit. Ich produziere lange genug, und kenne die großen Zampanos für NLE .

Jürgen Dietz

Luma fusion

Jürgen Dietz

Ich verwende Luma Fusion schon sehr lange und bin begeistert, wie durchdacht, einfach die Arbeit ist. Ich bin sicher, es wird noch weitere Innovationen geben für mobiles NLE . Ich gratuliere dem Team für seine Arbeit

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