Light & Motion Announces Stella Light Kits For Video

Waterproof lights for those shooting in the elements.

Lights… actually easy to use lights can make your life as a run & gun shooter surprisingly, well, easier. Otherwise, if the lights are too cumbersome or temperamental then they stay on the truck. Lights left on the truck do not get used meaning you, the shooter, are making some sort of compromise. I don’t like making compromises and I’m sure you don’t either. That’s why Light & Motion’s new lighting kits for their Stella LEDs looks interesting.

Thankfully, Light & Motion has created two new light kits to give you an all in one solution. The Stella Pro is for shooters needing a three-point lighting solution and the Stella Action for a single 0n, or 0ff, camera solution. The new light kits pair Light & Motions great lights with essential tools and accessories in a customized Tenba case. Now, you won’t have to search your favorite gear shop, or website, to piece together a kit yourself. Nope, Light & Motion has figured it out for you.

StellaLight & Motion’s Lights Survive The Elements

Think of these lights as similar to compact HMI lighting systems, but LED. Instead of a ballast or feeder cable, these lights can survive the toughest environments. The 5000 lumen Stella Pro 5000, 2000 lumen Stella 2000 and 1000 lumen Stella 1000 are all waterproof up to 328 feet and feature a rugged housing capable of withstanding drops from over three feet. So, those raining live shots can still be lit with Stella Pros, if you so desired.

To help these lights be waterproof, each light is powered by lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with great untethered run times. Depending on the power settings you choose, the Stella 1000 delivers a run time of 1.5 hours to 715 minutes; the Stella 2000 delivers a run-time of one hour to 415 minutes, and the Stella Pro 5000 delivers a run time of 1.5 hours to 715 minutes. If you run out of battery power the spLEDS can be powered by a D-Tap, external battery, or AC power. Each Stella spLED is balanced at 5,000K across all output settings and offers a flicker-free, 120-degree beam that can be easily modified using a number of accessories.

Stella Pro Kits

The Stella Pro 125 Kit includes one Stella 1000, one Stella 2000, and one Stella Pro 5000. The Stella Pro 225 Kit includes two Stella 2000s one Stella Pro 5000. The Stella Pro 555 Kit includes three Stella Pro 5000s. Each Stella Pro Kit also includes 3 KUPO “click” stands and an assortment of mounts and modifiers including light barn doors, a 50-degree focus optic, a 25-degree fresnel, a speed ring/gel holder, a glow bulb, a baby stand connector, and a charge/power source. All components are packed in a custom Tenba rolling case.


Stella Action Kits

The Stella 1000 Action Kit and Stella 2000 Action Kit pair a spLED with a range of accessories for on- or off-camera single point lighting. Each kit, like the Stella Pro Kits, comes packed in a custom Tenba case for added protection during transport and storage.

The Stella 1000 Action Kit includes one Stella 1000s spLED light complete with a snap on 25-degree fresnel (50mm), a snap-on diffuser (50mm), a cold-shoe mount and a 1/4-20 adapter. The kit also contains a pistol grip handle, a set of snap on barn doors (50mm), a Novoflex Ball-19 ball head, and an Elinchrom EL handled 25-61” boom arm.

The Stella 2000 Action Kit includes one Stella 2000 spLED complete with a press on 50-degree focus optic (82mm), press on barn doors (82mm), a cold shoe mount, and a 1/4-20 adapter. The kit also comes with a pistol grip handle, a press on 25-degree fresnel lens (82mm), a press on 3” speed ring/gel holder, a press on Glo Bulb (82mm), a Novoflex Ball-19 ball head, and an Elinchrom EL handheld 25-61” boom arm.

Stella 2000 Action Kit


All Stella Pro and Stella Action kits are now available. Pricing:

Stella 1000 Action – $579.99

Stella 2000 Action – $799.99

Stella Pro 125 – $2,999.99

Stella Pro 225 – $3,599.99

Stella Pro 555 – $5,599.99

If you are curious about these lights and how to use them then check out this testimonial from Corey Rich.

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