Filmstro: royalty-free music that lets you control momentum, depth and power

If you’re a HitFilm user and need royalty-free music to use in your projects, the FXhome partnership with Filmstro is something you may want to check. There is a special Spring sale on now!

Filmstro: royalty-free music that you can control

Filmstro’s dynamic keyframeable royalty-free music library is now available on the FXhome Store for $249, giving HitFilm users access to a library of music they can not just use but also control.

FXhome, the company behind HitFilm video editor, teams up with Filmstro, creators of the industry’s first dynamic royalty-free music library, to provide HitFilm users with access to the entire Filmstro music library for 12 months. By making it available directly from the FXhome store, HitFilm users can use the library’s soundtracks on unlimited projects and get access to weekly new music updates.

The music library offered by Filmstro is not a regular royalty-free music library. The company has developed a unique user interface that gives artists flexibility and control over selected music tracks for use in their HitFilm projects. HitFilm users can control the momentum, depth and power of any Filmstro track, using sliders to perfectly match any sequence in a HitFilm project.

Filmstro: royalty-free music that you can control

Craft your own soundtracks

This is an unique approach to the use of music in videos, and something you can explore by downloading the demo software available.  The demo includes five free tracks which can be used on any project, (commercial and non-commercial) for free. Users of the final product can also craft soundtracks to perfectly fit images by using a keyframe graph editor within Filmstro. Moving sliders will automatically create keyframes for each element and can be edited at any point.

Filmstro offers over 60 albums’ worth of dynamic music with weekly music releases. All tracks are searchable using keywords, film and video genre, musical style, instrumental palette or mood. All Filmstro music is licensed for usage worldwide and in perpetuity. There are some limitations to the use of the tracks, as the license does not cover content that will be used on broadcast TV or radio.

The Filmstro dynamic royalty-free music library is available on the FXhome Store for $249, regular price. For a few days, during the Spring Sale 2019, you can buy it with 30% discount, paying only $174.30.

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