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The article says Jose Antunes is the author, but in fact, this is all advertising, cut and pasted directly from DJI’s press release – so very misleading and unbecoming of provideocoalition, and laziness on the part of Mr. Antunes.


I completely agree with you, Jon. People used to care about journalistic ethics; some still do, and brands get damaged (not trusted) by crossing the line, or being reckless with it.

Scott Simmons

It is from DJI’s press release which is were a lot of info comes from on products that don’t get any pre-release. It seems that you recognize that this is not something that is usually done but when readers are asking about a new product and all that is available is the press release materials then sometimes that is what is published in the interest of getting the info out to readers. That is rare on PVC but sometimes it happens. And of course someone will anonymously complain and call another lazy and say that have no ethics when everything they normally do points in quite the opposite direction.

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