Sitting Thing Review: The ergoErgo

This isn't a software or a hardware review.
Written by  |  March 23, 2015

Beyond the standing desk, beyond on the Herman Miller chair, there’s other things to sit on while working at your desk like an exercise ball. And beyond on exercise ball there’s also the ergoErgo. I got one of those for Christmas and added it to my arsenal of things on which to sit on while working.

A few years ago there was a spate of interest in chromatic aberration -- fixing footage containing the color fringing, but mostly creating it for motion graphics and VFX realism. At some point, questions on creating this effect must have reached a critical mass, and tools and tutorials popped up to help.

First Impressions of the new G-Technology G|DRIVE ev RaW

Will this G|DRIVE ev RaW be a good alternative to the orange LaCie we all know?
Written by  |  March 18, 2015

The good folks at Amazon dropped off a package the other day for a brand-new G-Technology G|DRIVE ev RaW “rugged” drive. I wanted to try one of these drives because as one who edits in several different locations I’m often shuttling media from one system to the other. I don’t carry around any padded foam case on a daily basis so usually these drives just go into a backpack and they get jostled around quite a bit. This new G-Tech series of drives looks to take the portable drive to another level with soft rubber bumpers and even special casings. I elected for the G|DRIVE ev RaW as I really don't need the drive to float.

This week Steve Martin from Ripple Training show us his preferred method for archiving a project that will ensure you’ll have all your media with the smallest footprint possible.

That PVC Show: Gimbals, the Ronin and Camera Stabilization

Scott Simmons discusses the specifics of the gear that Matt Jeppsen and Brian Hallett used on their recent projects
Written by  |  March 18, 2015
Recently on PVC, Matt Jeppsen wrote an article about filming smooth driving footage on a tight budget while Brian Hallett told us what it meant to use the

In this lesson, we're back to basics talking about Settings, more specifically, the Export setting, and how important it is to set up your export presets correctly, so your client always gets the best looking end product.

My NAB 2015 Post|Production World sessions

A bit of shameless self-promotion as we near NAB
Written by  |  March 17, 2015

If I may take a moment to engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion please indulge me! Once again I’m honored to be teaching/leading/presenting (and learning myself) a number of classes at this year’s Post|Production World Conference at the National Association of Broadcasters convention. This is always a highlight of my year as it gets me out of the editing suite and working outside of my comfort zone. More importantly it’s fun and I meet a lot of great people.

Creating a Heartbeat Animation

Written by  |  March 17, 2015
Be still my beating heart! Or if you can't be still, let me see how you beat! That's our subject for this week's Motion Magic, in which I demonstrate one way to build an animated heartbeat monitor.

The King of encoding applications is back with a new version, but is Squeeze 10 enough to make you ditch what you're currently using, and give your encoding a fresh squeeze?

Nebulas can be created several ways in After Effects: with "cards in space" of real images, or generated by Fractal Noise or 3D particle systems, commonly fractal-displaced particle arrays like Trapcode Mir, Form, Hitfilm Atomic Particle, and other particle systems.

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