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Written by  |  November 27, 2015

Ep. 09 resizeComp Free Function Friday


Hindenburg Journalist 1.51 adds new features

The already wonderful Hindenburg Journalist has just been improved with version 1.51.
Written by  |  November 27, 2015

I have already covered Hindenburg Journalist and Hindenburg Journalist Pro family of audio production and post-production tools quite extensively (links ahead). Now the Danish team has improved them even further with version 1.51, and the number will please palindromic lovers despite it not being a true palindrome. Improvements include Snap Regions, Marquee selection, Insert Special, and Arm linked tracks Ahead are the details.


After Effects Hidden Gems Weekly: Roving Keyframes

Smooth out the speed of a complex animation in After Effects with as few as two keyframes.
Written by  |  November 24, 2015

Normally, a Position keyframe in After Effects defines a time, and the position value at that time. This can get unwieldy when you create a complex motion path - such as following a map or maze, or hand-tracing a path with Motion Sketch - and then want to finesse the timing of that path later, as you often have to tweak the timings of a lot of keyframes to create a smooth end result.

As it turns out, there’s a little-known function inside After Effects called Roving Keyframes where the timings of keyframes are set free and allowed to automatically slide earlier or later as needed to create a smooth speed without changing the Position path itself.


It's always difficult getting yourself up to speed with a new or updated effects package, but that becomes even harder when one of the included effects is a completely separate application unto itself.  Let's take an in-depth look at  the new Title Studio inside of BCC 10 for AVX.


Shining a light on the contributions post-production makes in filmmaking

A new video editing competition focuses on the creative application of post and storytelling skills
Written by  |  November 23, 2015

The Los Angeles Post Production Group (LAPPG) is an organization for those with an interest in digital filmmaking and the post-production process, but the creation of the L.A. Post fest brings that interest to a whole different level. This inaugural video editing competition event will allow contestants to use their creativity, technical skills and storytelling abilities to successfully complete their own version of a professionally shot sci-fi short film.


Useful Tools for Editors - Before Thanksgiving Edition

Just before our turkey day here's some useful tools
Written by  |  November 21, 2015

It’s been some 5 + months since we last had an edition of Useful Tools for Editors. That’s way too long so let’s get right to it.


Today’s Art of the Cut interview are the co-editors of the blockbuster film, “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2,” with a fascinating discussion including the geography of editing action, the politics of the editing room, and what’s wrong with modern NLEs. 


Will the new HP ZBook Studio be the next legal Hackintosh?

With its Thunderbolt 3 and matte 1080p or 4K UHD display, the ZBook Studio is a ripe candidate to receive Apple's blessing.
Written by  |  November 20, 2015

Not all Mac users know (or remember) that there was a time in Apple’s past when the legendary company co-branded iPods with HP, and before that when Apple blessed several third-party personal computers to run the Mac Operating System legally. I owned one of those legal Hackintosh computers back then, and it was better than the available hardware from Apple at that time. The new HP ZBook Studio I mentioned in a recent article also beats any hardware currently available from Apple, a company whose principle income now comes from the sales of iPhones and iPads, not from Mac computer sales. This situation obviously affects the company’s financial focus. In fact, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stated in an interview earlier this month about the new iPad Pro tablet: “Why would you buy a PC anymore?”. Well Tim, to use the late Steve Jobs’ terminology: Because some of us still need a truck. (“Truck” was Jobs’ analogy for a personal computer, as opposed to a tablet, which he called a “car”.) Ahead, we’ll look at this situation a little closer.


Ep. 08 retrievePrimaryComps Free Function Friday


In this lesson, Kevin P McAuliffe talks about probably the most important of your settings, and it is the Keyboard Setting.  Most people get frustrated right away, as they can't figure out how to add commands to your keyboard and composer window, but that's where the Command Palette comes into play, and gives you (almost) all the commands you'll need to set up your keyboard properly.

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