Windows 10 will monitor your NVMe SSDs health
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Dennis van der Pool

Very helpfull addition. I’ve got a All-In-One PC that has some cooling issues due to BIOS locking fan control down and having one system fan having to cool the entire system. In the design or BIOS software they did not take the NVMe drive temperature into account and it’s not properly cooled.

I found out because my system became very slow at a moment and i noticed the disk latency went up from below milliseconds into almost half a second. I found at that when my NVMe disk (SAMSUNG) goes over 70 degrees, it’s performance will be throttled by the controller to keep the disk alive. This happens at around 76 degrees with my disk.

Having Windows check it by default will be helpful 🙂


wmic diskdrive get status (no space between disk and drive) is the correct command. Otherwise, very informative and helpful article!

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