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Voices from Sundance podcast with Phyllis Housen, editor, “Clemency”

Here’s episode 2 of Voices from Sundance. This episode features Phyllis Housen, who edited the narrative feature film “Clemency.” She discusses her methodologies, her introduction to NLE on “Kill Bill,” her experience cutting this film on Adobe Premiere Pro, and the wisdom learned from assisting the iconic film editor, Sally Menke. Enjoy!

FCC or is it FTC? Who cares. Somebody makes it a rule that I have to tell you that Adobe provided transportation and accomodations for the festival to complete these interviews, while your local Senator or Congressperson or POTUS can take millions of dollars and other perks from corporate entities and not have to say anything when they appear on the media spouting the company line of their corporate handlers. So next time your local politician opens their mouth or tweets some crap, please ask them “Hey, Steve Hullfish had to report his hotel bill, so who paid YOU to say what you just said or vote the way you did?” Just a thought.

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Steve Hullfish has been producing and editing award-winning television since the mid-1980s. He has written six books, and edited four theatrical feature films (including two Number One New Movies in the US). He has lectured…