Vimeo Create: a quick and easy new suite of tools to create videos

Designed to offer the small business owner and marketer a solution to grow their business, the new Vimeo Create is more than that: it’s a sign of how smart editing technology makes it easy to create promotional videos.

Vimeo Create: a quick and easy new suite of tools to create videos

Vimeo launched today the full version of Vimeo Create on Android, iOS, and desktop. Create is a quick and easy tool to make high-impact social video for your business anytime, anywhere.

With over 150 million members across more than 150 countries, Vimeo is, says the company, “the world’s leading professional video platform and community” a platform that aims to help anyone grow their business by making it easy to create and market high-quality, impactful videos. Your business may just be to share the videos you produce with a vast community, online. But if you’ve ever needed to make high-impact social videos in minutes and did not know how, then Vimeo Create is for you.

Vimeo Create combines smart editing technology with an intuitive interface that guides users through the video-making process, from start to finish. Users can select from a gallery of professionally-designed video templates, or they can create a video from scratch using their own footage and storyboard. Vimeo Create is fully integrated with Vimeo’s suite of workflow tools, so users can make videos optimized for each social media platform, natively publish them and measure results – all from within the Vimeo platform.

Vimeo Create: a quick and easy new suite of tools to create videosUnlock the power for video for the masses

The new video-making tool, which Vimeo rolled out in beta earlier this year, is an example of what technology allows us to do today; at the same time it points towards a shift in terms of video producing. The solution represents a path forward for small businesses that need to create promotional videos but may not have the financial means to do it, but also indicates that by making the tools accessible to more people, those aspiring to make a living producing videos for small companies may, probably, have to look elsewhere.

In fact, video is vital for every business, yet the barriers for creating video remain high. Vimeo’s recent proprietary research, The 2020 SMB Video Report, found that while over half of small businesses used video in their marketing strategies in 2019, only 22 percent feel that they’re using enough video. Time, cost, and complexity were cited as the greatest challenges with video-making, and if these friction points were removed, virtually all SMBs (96 percent) said they would create more video. Vimeo Create is unlocking the power of video for this large and growing market.

Vimeo Create: a quick and easy new suite of tools to create videos

Easier to go from idea to execution

“Video is the most impactful medium we have today for human expression at scale, and businesses need an online video strategy to reach their customers. But the research is clear: small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have the tools, time or budgets to make videos at the volume and quality needed to compete,” said Anjali Sud, CEO, Vimeo. “Vimeo Create levels the playing field. It’s a radically simple tool that shortens the distance from idea to execution, so more businesses can have a successful video strategy.”

According to Vimeo, key benefits of Vimeo Create include:

  • Fast, easy video creation: Get started with professionally-designed video templates that can be quickly customized, or create a video from scratch. Vimeo’s AI-powered technology will turn clips, photos, music, and text into a high-quality social video in minutes.
  • Unlimited stock content: Leverage a premium stock library featuring millions of HD video clips, photos, and commercially-licensed music tracks – available to Vimeo Create users at no extra charge.
  • Full branding control: Find the right look and choose the right message for any business with customizable colors, fonts, layouts, logos, text captions, and calls-to-action.
  • One-stop shop for video marketing: Automatically tailor videos for each social media platform by creating versions in every format and ratio (square, vertical, horizontal). Then access Vimeo’s high-performance video marketing tools to natively publish videos across the web and measure their impact in one seamless workflow.

Vimeo Create is included in Vimeo Pro, Business and Premium memberships and available across web and mobile apps. Anyone can unlock a free trial of the full tool suite. The Vimeo Create suite of tools for making high-impact social videos in minutes is available across web, iOS and Android mobile apps.

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