Vimeo Stock, a new kind of stock video

Vimeo users have asked for it for years, and now they finally have it: Vimeo Stock is live, introduced as a new kind of stock video.

It’s a royalty-free stock marketplace for video, but Vimeo believes it is something special: a creator-first platform, to empower and support the creative community assembled around the name Vimeo.

Featuring exclusive stock footage for your next project , says Vimeo, the new Vimeo Stock is live now, and the public is invited to visit it with a simple “see why we’re different”. Yes, it’s a royalty-free stock marketplace for video, but Vimeo believes “our footage collection raises the standard of traditional stock. Rather it’s a hand-selected, highly curated assembly of truly stunning footage designed to make your videos even better.”

The new global, royalty-free stock marketplace “is the result of countless conversations that we’ve had with you, our users. For the first time ever we’re unlocking content directly from Vimeo’s world-renowned storytellers. In fact, the majority of contributors in our launch collection are licensing their footage for the first time, and exclusively on Vimeo. We’re also excited to offer industry-leading economics for both stock contributors and buyers.”

The introduction of Vimeo Stock is the company’s answer to all those who have been asking about such a solution for years, and makes complete sense in a place like Vimeo, that has long been home to a community of the most iconic filmmakers in the world. The people behind Vimeo, which is a creator-first platform,  are “obsessed with providing the tools that busy creative professionals need to make your videos — exceptionally.”

Starting today, you can find the best clips for your project with the all-new Vimeo Stock: handpicked, royalty-free stock footage you can’t find anywhere else, and special savings for Vimeo members.  Vimeo members with a Plus plan (or above) save 20% on every clip. On top of that, if you buy a membership and clip together, you’ll also save 20% on the membership.

The new video market place is all about supporting independent creators and Vimeo’s community. Creators keep up to an industry-leading 70% of their clip revenue, says Vimeo, so when you buy clips from filmmakers in Vimeo Stock, you’re directly supporting independent creators.

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