VEGAS POST: MAGIX’s NLE gets the special effects from FXhome

MAGIX’s family of products has a new member, VEGAS POST, presented as a powerful alternative for video editing and post production in a seamless workflow.

VEGAS POST: MAGIX’s NLE gets the special effects from FXhome

VEGAS Creative Software and FXhome announced at NAB 2019 their partnership to create a new solution for editing video and creating special effects. Well, VEGAS POST is here now.

VEGAS POST is a full-range integrated suite for powerful video editing and post production. Edit faster than ever with VEGAS Pro, apply over 800 stunning visual FX in VEGAS Effects and experience advanced image compositing with VEGAS Image. VEGAS POST is your new video post production suite, says MAGIX.

ProVideo Coalition wrote about the new software last April, when it was announced, at NAB 2019. The new partnership, we wrote then, “sees FXhome – creators of the popular editing and VFX software, HitFilm, developing a customized effects and compositing tool specifically designed for VEGAS POST. With VEGAS Pro at its core, VEGAS POST will provide industry-renowned editing tools coupled with FXhome’s expertise in compositing and visual effects to offer a massive array of features and capabilities, ideally suited for video professionals in post production facilities of all sizes and requirements – from individual artists to large post production studios, broadcasters and SME (small/medium enterprise) installations.”

MAGIX meets FXhome

Additionally, we wrote, “VEGAS POST will integrate a custom-developed version of FXhome’s new non-destructive RAW image compositor that will enable video editors to work with still-image and graphical content and incorporate it directly into their final productions. All three tools will work together seamlessly in an integrated, end-to-end workflow to accelerate and streamline the post-production process for artists.”

Now, the whole suite is revealed, and MAGIX says it is time for professionals to “discover the smart alternative for video editing and post production”. The suite includes three key elements. VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Effects and VEGAS Image. It’s not difficult to see what each segment represents the core NLE is MAGIX’s, while Effects and Image come from FXHome own NLE and VFX software, HitFilm, and the Image from Imerge Pro. Those three elements unite under the name VEGAS POST.

VEGAS POST: MAGIX’s NLE gets the special effects from FXhome

VEGAS POST Suite: the components

So, the highlights of the new software are:

  • VEGAS Pro
    The new VEGAS Pro 17, which we announced recently, is here to make your video production more efficient than ever before. With its over 30 new features, such as multiple nested timelines, and industry-leading HDR editing tools, VEGAS Pro will supercharge your video production.
  • VEGAS Effects
    Take control of a vast array of high-quality effects, presets, and correction tools for endless creative possibilities. Over 800 effects and filters to tweak, combine, pull apart, and put back together. Everything you need for delivering incredible results.
  • VEGAS Image
    Create pro-level composites with unlimited layers, automatic keying and zero baked-in changes. VEGAS Image keeps your image data RAW and your layers self contained. No more switching between different software!

Presented as an UPDATE and priced at $549.00 until August 27, 2019, VEGAS POST regular price is $999.00. There is also an option to go for a subscription model, with VEGAS POST 365. Available in English, German, French and Spanish, VEGAS POST is a software for Windows 10 only.

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