The Fujifilm X100V: A Long-Term Review 3
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Great review, thanks.

A handgrip improves the 100v experience. I use the Wepoto wooden grip which is amazingly well designed.

Grateful for your thoughts on the 100v. Very useful.


Last edited 21 days ago by Keith
David Zack

I still use the original X100. Love, love, love this camera! Thought about upgrading but it continues to satisfy my needs. Great write up.


I fell on my Fuji with Xm1, nowadays I shoot with XT1 and XT4 with manual lenses of all focal lengths. I am just overwhelmed with XTrans series (also in possession of Nikon Z5, Canon 5DIII), shots with Fuji are pure art. Even XT1 has an lovely filters and yes all is manually adjuster, WB, color grading etc…. Love

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