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While I often need to watch hours of interviews, I’m a bit reluctant to try these new integrations in Premiere and Resolve, and other text-based editing tools.

They say about 70% (or more) of someone’s message is not in the words, but in the body language and tone of voice. While I’m not sure whether that’s a scientific fact or not, I do firmly believe that you don’t get a sense of someone’s intonation, emotion, energy, where they put certain accents, etc. from a transcript. To me it seems that you will lose the essence of what’s being communicated by just focusing on the words. So I think it’s important that we keep listening to all those hours of recorded interviews and not take too many shortcuts.


Been using Avid’s script sync for about a year now. It’s better than nothing when looking for already transcribed clips, but so limited. How/why did they come up with a system that can jump to the beginning of a paragraph, but does not allow you to even mark an outpoint for that same paragraph. I hope that the beta from Premiere lights a fire under them.


Walter is spot on. Its as much about the body language and verbal intonation as the words. A1 editing will come, the bean counters will see to that. Perhaps eventually it’s will be watched and reviewed by A1. Who needs humans?

David Norden

Thanks for a good overview of the text-based-editing tools available. There is also, that reads Media Composer project files and media, with a cloud based tool to make selects that can be sent as an AAF to the editor (which links to the original media). I am involved in the developing of EdMon, and we are currently beta-testing (if anyone here wants to try it out, check it out).

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