The Angry Editor: sometimes the jump cuts are just too much 1
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Jonathan Moser

Dead on…when I first saw them I was curious. Now I see them so often I just think “lazy and unprofessional”. (And don’t get me started on the inability of YouTubers to mix sound properly. Half the travel video the vo overpowers the on camera which you can barely hear.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Jonathan Moser
Ben Watson

I feel your pain. I feel a little aged when I jump on my junior editor, cause I know he is getting ideas from YouTube but God it looks so unprofessional. At least pop to a close up or something!!! 😤

Bruce Johnson

I think this is a *great* idea for a continuing discussion thread! My personal hatred (aside from the Timebolt look…auggggh) is when someone cuts a sit-down interview, and to cover audio cuts they cut to footage of the subject *in the same place doing something else.* Lazy on both the part of the shooter *and* the editor. I have always adhered to making the viewing experience as smooth as possible, and not distract from the message. Of course, that assumes there *is* a message. Grumpy old man rant finished! For now.

Thomas M

I strongly believe, ther were the same rants because of the first jump cuts in cinema.

Robert A. Ober


So many annoying traits seem to linger. Another one is the second cam shooting from the side while the talent is still looking at the main cam. I first saw this on the Treo network in the nineties and it persists to today.

That roller video is so bad I could only watch a few seconds. It is interesting how Humans tend to follow the wrong examples. And I believe devolution is real.

Paula Zimmerman

Poor-quality videos like this are the result of poor shot planning. If someone values their product and its versatility, they need to plan for closeups. There is no reason to settle for a video like this if you shoot an appropriate number of different angles. For a short video like this, it wouldn’t take much time to get a variety of shots to choose from, just a little extra effort. So many people are amateur producer/editors now, but they don’t bother to put themselves in the viewer’s shoes when they throw a video like this together.

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