Common Mistakes in Online Video 5
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Memo Sauceda

Great article with real useful information without any fluff. And the videos accompanying it are perfect.

Ron Fent

Good pointers, though I don’t know who all the “clients” would be for this level of video production. I would put sound quality as number 1 as I see this fail in many big budget, nethulu-level films. Too much music has become pandemic. Much dialog veers wildly from whispers to screams with no volume balancing. Sound is more important than picture.


Good article. I’ll have to search on “b-roll” since I could not tell from this article what it is or how it is used. Is this recorded simultaneously so if you want to chop out a section of the video we don’t see the presenter “jump”. It could be, for example, a side view shot of the presenter, or a can of beans on a countertop -while the audio track appears seamless? The instant transition to a different video image -which looks planned and deliberate- instead of an obvious out-take edit when the talking head jumps?

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